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Stephanie Hollman Opens Up About Saving A Complete Stranger’s Life With Bone Marrow Donation!

As previously reported, Stephanie Hollman donated her bone marrow in order to save. Now, The Real Housewives of Dallas star is sharing more details behind her decision to save the life of  a complete stranger.

“This is something I volunteered to do four years ago during a cancer walk with Chance (my son), and when I was called to donate, I looked back at my kids, and thought how could I not? If I have the opportunity to potentially save somebody’s life, how could I say no?” she told The Dirty. “Only 30 percent of patients find a match within their family, the other 70 percent must rely on the kindness of strangers to save their lives.”

“I flew to Oklahoma City and had the procedure at OU medical center.  The people at DKMS (bone marrow organization) set it up based on hospital availability and patient needs,” she continued.

“That is such a great company to partner with- they are huge,” Hollman added about her amazing charitable gift.

Photo Credit: Bravo