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Sonja Morgan Confirms She Is Not Selling Her Manhattan Townhouse!

Sonja Morgan is staying put in her Manhattan townhouse and is shutting down reports that she's selling it. “I’m not [selling],” The Real Housewives of New York City star tells Entertainment Tonight. “I've been advised to keep it, because it's an investment. It's my biggest investment right now. Coming out my Chapter 11, I need to hold on for a while.”

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Lady Morgan was looking to unload the $10 million property, a space she admits is “ridic” for one person.

“You sell when you can buy something more expensive,” Sonja adds. “When you can keep your houses and afford them, it’s the thing to do … we’re in New York. We’re in 10065. It’s the best zip code in the world!”

Last year, ET toured Sonja’s mansion and uncovered something, well, unexpected in the footage: a large dry erase board situated in the reality star’s shower. Sonja finally explained the board’s purpose.

Photo Credit: ET

“I have a small one in my bedroom for things I need to do for the week,” she shares. “The one in the shower is so, when I'm looking in the tub, I see what I need to do in life. Those are the big picture things.”

Source/Photo Credit: ET, Bravo