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Roxy Earle Reflects On Her First Season On RHOT: “It Was Honestly The Experience Of A Lifetime”

Roxy Earle is sharing her thoughts on her first season of The Real Housewives of Toronto. Earle tells all via a recent interview with Slice as she reflects on her first season and weighs in on her drama with Kara Alloway and talks about her future projects.

Roxy on Season One
Q: What was it like watching the season back?

A: Watching the season back was really fun for me. I laughed so hard at the great memories I shared. There were some highs and there were some lows, but all in all it was like watching a piece of my life that I really enjoyed. I met some incredible women out of this show and watching our friendship form, and seeing those pivotal moments in our relationship was really cool. It was honestly the experience of a lifetime.

Q: Do You Still Talk to The Other Women?

A: I see Ann all the time, and I talk to Joan pretty regularly, and [all of us] have a group text where we talk about the episodes and we talk about things that are happening – it’s like friendship, mixed with The Real Housewives, mixed with life. Also they’re my support system because the things that are happening to us, and the things we are going through, none of my other girlfriends are going through.

Q: Were you nervous to watch any moments back?

A: No, I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t nervous watching how I handled myself, I was nervous seeing how it could have been manipulated based on what other people had said. It’s interesting how people interpret reality. Everyone went to one party, and everyone left with a different point of view of what happened. This is an environment where the good, the bad, and the ugly of you comes out. I think it highlighted parts of people’s personality and where they have insecurities.

The Response on Social Media
Q: How has the response been to you since the show started airing?

A: I’ve been overwhelmed with the unbelievable love that has come my way. It’s just been incredible; I feel like people have really responded to who I am on the show. There are many aspirational aspects of my life, but at the same time there are many relatable things in my life through the things that I talk about. [People] feel like they know me. People will see me on the street and say they love me and say that they feel like I can be their best friend.

Roxy’s OMG Moments From This Season

A: The shocker for me was watching what people said, and how things played out. That was hard for me. There weren’t moments where I looked back and though “oh my gosh I wish I didn’t say that,” it was more me thinking “oh my gosh, I can’t believe that’s what was actually happening there.”

It’s weird because you don’t know what happened if you’re not the scene, so there were some parts where I look back and I’m like “wow, that’s not how I remember it!”

Q: Watching it back, do you think you got a fuller picture of what was happening?

A: I kind of had an idea of what was happening, but it was reflective of the things that happened – I think I was more shocked to see what was left out.

What Happened at Kara’s Dress Party?
Q: Can you walk us through Kara’s dress party? Did she really lure you there with you thinking that she would have things in your size?

A: All the viewers saw me specifically ask if there would be things in my size, and everyone heard the response that she had told the designer about all of the different types of women who would be there. Then all the viewers got to see me at the house where the designer came over to me and said that if he had only known that I wasn’t the “standard” size, then he would have had clothes for me.

I responded to this in a way that had absolutely nothing to do with Kara. I responded to this on social media because what I had experienced on TV is something that millions of women experience on TV every single day when they’re discriminated against for their size.

I took that painful experience and turned it into something powerful and empowering with my #MyBodyRox movement. I’m disgusted that Kara used that opportunity to say on her blog to say that she was body shamed.

Q: What was it like to watch that back?                      

A: You saw me cry on social media. Those few days were very emotional for me because I think that people forget that this is my life.

Q: How has the reaction been to this positive body movement you’ve started?

A: I think it’s been really incredible that by being on TV and being confident and happy in my own skin, it’s inspired so many other women to be confident about themselves. It’s crazy what’s been able to come out of a scene that could have [ended] very different. Lives are lost over these issues and I feel very honoured that I get to leave this experience by connecting with people in a way that they’re somehow inspired by.

The Story Behind Her Relationship With Kara
Q: What was your relationship like with Kara before the show? Is there more to your backstory than what we saw on the show?

A: Kara and I knew each other from the charity world, and we got to know each other more in the weeks leading up to filming the show together. We were acquaintances – but we definitely knew each other – and I would go as far as to say that a friendship was forming. But this is was weird place to build a relationship. As soon as I got to know her, I knew something was off.

Q: Do you think the show killed your relationship?

A: No – I think out personalities and our core values differ. I think that became very apparent; when you’re put in stressful situations, the way you behave is very indicative of your character. The way she behaved was not in line with the way that I… well, I don’t want friends like that.

Q: There’s a moment in the final episode when you’re all at lunch and you’re pleading with Kara for an apology? What exactly were you looking for her to say?

A: I wanted the truth to come out. I’m a very fair person and I will say sorry when sorry is due. A lot happened this summer on and off camera. For Kara and I, and unfortunately for the viewers, a lot of [the drama] happened off camera. She knows what she did, and I just wanted the respect of someone saying sorry for that.

Is Roxy Down for Season Two
A: I’d love to do a season two

Q: Now that you have the experience of season one, do you think you’ll do anything differently going into season two?

A: No – I was totally myself… but maybe I’ll allow my husband to be on a little more and steal my spotlight.

What’s Next?
Q: Now that season one has aired, what’s next for Roxy Earle?

A: I have so much interest in modelling and I have an unbelievably exciting modelling job coming up, and then designing a clothing line.

Q: How has this show changed you?

A: I feel an unbelievable responsibility to represent and group of women and men who have felt ignored, shamed, and disgraced. So I’m going to keep spreading the news.

Q: Do you think this will change how you conduct yourself moving forward?

A: Yes. I think that it just makes me more aware that my words are very powerful. I might have been more fleeting with my words [in the past]… there have been situations in the show that I found really difficult to deal with because there’s been a lot of gossip and things that haven’t been truthful. My instinct is no longer to fight back, it’s to ignore and to continue going on. Because now young women and men are watching how we handle things and I feel like we have a responsibility.

Full interview courtesy via Slice

Source/Photo Credit: Slice