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Ronnie Negus Reflects On Her Time On The Real Housewives Of Vancouver And Gives Advice To The Real Housewives Of Toronto!

Ronnie Negus has a few words of advice to the ladies of The Real Housewives of Toronto. While the fate for a reunion special for the Slice hit reality series is still unknown, the Real Housewives of Vancouver alum reflects on her first and only reunion special for RHOV and shares some words of advice to the RHOT cast.

Negus, the self proclaimed "gypsy," who is currently in Hong Kong admits she's a fan of the six from the 6ix.  “I watched most of RHOT. I got to episode 7 right before the girls went to Spain. I need to catch up on the last three episodes upon my return,” she told Femme Foyer.

Negus looks back at her first and only Real Housewives reunion for RHOV. “There was nothing satisfying about doing the reunion for me,” said Ronnie. “Filming the reunion after my daughter Remington nearly died was too much for me. I was physically present but it was the furthest place I would have rather been. However, I do think reunions are essential to discuss things fans don’t see and to express our feelings to other cast members.”

“Real Housewives of Vancouver was a novelty for me. It didn’t depict the real me,” she continued.. “I was drinking when we filmed so I’m glad that could help with the ratings,” laughs Ronnie. “But there is so much more the fans didn’t see.”

“When tragedy strikes your life in such a profound way it puts things into perspective very quickly,” she added. “Bickering and all of the nonsense is unimportant.”

Negus shares some words of wisdom to the RHOT ladies: “I have always told my children, go out into the world and do well. Be your best. Advocate for the things that are dear to your heart. Help others and leave this world a better place.”

As previously reported, Kara Alloway, who's been in the middle of all the drama this season revealed that she would like a reunion special to share "the truth!"

Real Full Interview via Femme Foyer

The Real Housewives of Toronto airs Tuesday nights at 10:00pm ET only on Slice.

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