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Real Housewives Of Sydney Star Lisa Oldfield Defends Show’s Dramatic Behavior: “People Watch These Shows Expecting A Train Wreck”

Lisa Oldfield is speaking out about her first season of the Foxtel hit reality series The Real Housewives of Sydney. The reality star has appeared in many headlines, even before the show began filming for her controversial comments and Instagram posts, however the mother-of-two defends her behavior during a recent interview. 

Oldfield admits that there is nothing that she will not share with the world. “Ask me and I’ll tell you straight. Why deny things? I am who I am,” she told Stellar Magazine via The Daily Telegraph.

Oldfield knew she would rough her co-stars feather's when she joined RHOS. “I knew I would be polarizing because my mouth has always gotten me into trouble.”

Within the series’ first few weeks, Oldfield had lashed out at co-star Krissy Marsh, calling her “a slut”, complaining about “smelly” parts of her anatomy and likening her to Star Wars’ Chewbacca. She told her youngest son Bert, four, that he was “acting like a dickhead”.

And in a particularly troubling scene, she admitted her marriage to Oldfield was in a shambles, pronouncing: “I just hate the mongrel that I’m living with.”

Aside from her naturally acidic sense of humor and a self-diagnosed case of lifelong “verbal diarrhea”, Oldfield blames “the construct of the show” for the reality-TV fallout she’s experiencing. “You have to see these people you find intolerable or obnoxious, three or four times a week,” she says. “So the Lisa you saw on the show was provoked and put into an unnatural situation.”

Oldfield says, producers stepped in during the initial episodes of RHOS to drum up the hysterics. “We were sat down like errant schoolgirls: ‘You’re not bringing it, there’s not enough drama,’” she reveals.

“People watch these shows expecting a train wreck. So we had to figure out how to give Australia the show that they wanted to see. But you get to a point where you don’t even know what’s real and what’s not anymore.”

Oldfield has “indicated that I would” do a second season — which is almost certainly on the cards. She claims co-star and nemesis Krissy Marsh is out – “she was so difficult to work with and so unprofessional” — and questions whether Melissa Tkautz will be asked back.

Arguably the only household name ahead of the show’s premiere, Tkautz spent much of the season shrinking away from the theatrics and earned very little screen time. “Mel?” Oldfield asks. “I call her Meh. Does she have a pulse? Why did she want to be on a reality-TV show? We’re hired to exaggerate, to embellish. That’s our job.”

“I never went in [to the show] with a plan; nothing was thought out in advance to get attention,” Oldfield says. “The consequence is that I get pilloried. I’m a pariah. Yet on the other hand, [people say] ‘She’s brave! She’s honest!’”

Oldfield takes a moment to consider such charitable assessments of her behavior.

“No,” she concludes with a Cheshire cat grin. “I’m probably just a bit pissed.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel