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New Details Emerge On Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas’ Infamous Knife Fight!

Earlier this month a video footage of Peter Thomas and Matt Jordan‘s knife fight hit the web. But what exactly happened the day that the two brawled, and who is responsible for the leak? Ms. Jessica, “The Girl Next Door” Co-Host of The Morning Maddhouse on WPEG Power 98 explained to what happened when the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars came to blows in her studio.

Jessica revealed that there is actually twenty minutes of additional footage! “We’ve never been able to use any of it because we received a cease and desist letter,” she told Radar Online. “It was a 20 minute video, and what you are seeing is the last two to three minutes of it. The part that was put out what just the fight.”

As previously reported, the men had gotten into a social media feud over claims that Peter and Todd Tucker were schooling him on how to bleed money out of his then girlfriend Kenya Moore. “[The fight] was during the time of Matt speaking to blogs and telling blogs that Peter and Todd were coaching him on how to get money from Kenya [Moore], because he was not receiving any money from being on the show,” Jessica shared. “The beef was that Peter was sort of upset, one, because Matt was using that verbiage that they were ‘coaching Matt.’ And two, Peter was saying that all of the Housewives husbands, we have never gone out and talk to blogs and media about what meant discuss,” she continued. “The men don’t do that. the women talk to the blogs, but the men don’t do that. You’re breaking bro code!”

Matt had his own issues with Peter. “Matt’s thing is that if you’re a man and you say you’re going to do something, you need to do it. that also had to go back to Matt coming to go to Peter’s club one weekend during CIAA here in Charlotte, and Matt said that he tried to get into contact with Peter, but he wouldn’t answer the phone.”

Peter insisted that he was simply busy with work, and meant no disrespect. “That just wasn’t good enough for Matt,” Jessica said. “All of a sudden, the interview completely went left, and that’s when you see him calling Peter these nasty names, and that’s when the bottle gets thrown. I mean it was just shocking. Where did this come from.”

Jessica jumped in to try to break up the fight, diving in front of her DJ, whom had recently had surgery, and was barely able to move, let alone pull Matt and Peter apart. “For years I worked in the school system, so I would have to break up fights. So it was sort of instinct for me, not to say that a school system fight it is the same as two grown men fighting,” she told Radar Online. “I sort of felt responsible for it because it was my interview and I was the one who coordinated it, and had invited the two up here.”

Still, she reveals that she would not have done it if she’d known that Peter had brought a weapon. “I never saw the knife. Had I seen the knife, I never would have tried to break up the fight.”

After the fight Matt and Peter immediately lawyered up. “Right after this situation happened, I mean the day of, we received cease and desist letter from Matt’s lawyers,” Jessica said. “We never put this video out, to this day. This video was put out by Peter who subpoenaed us for it because he is pressing charges. So he was able to get it because it’s evidence in the case.”

Jessica also shut down claims that the fight was a setup. “It was never any thought that they were going to fight… I wouldn’t have put myself in that predicament of being the only female in the room. I never thought that it was going to get to that level,” said the host. “This was not a setup in any way, shape, or form. I’m not in the business of setting people up. Both parties were fully aware that they were both going to be in the room, and that this was just going to be a conversation to get down to what the problem is.”

Now, after everything that happened, the radio station is left with damaged equipment, and a 23 minute interview that may never be seen. Adding insult to injury, Matt has never even said sorry for wrecking the studio and putting Jessica in harm’s way. “He’s blocked me on social media. He hasn’t apologized or anything like that.”

Source/Photo Credit: Radar Online, Google Images