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NeNe Leakes Says She Isn’t The Least Bit Surprised That Phaedra Parks Got Exposed For Spreading Rumors About Kandi Burruss At RHOA Season 9 Reunion!

NeNe Leakes may not have appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, but the original Georgia peach certainly had a lot to say about the shocking Part 3 of the reunion. Leakes appeared on Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and the Fashion Police co-host did not hold back, especially when it came to dishing on the reunion bombshell that Phaedra Parks had actually started the rumors about Kandi Burruss trying to drug Porsha Williams.

"I'm not surprised," said NeNe. "Phaedra been doing this bullsh** for a very long time. Phaedra did this exact same thing to me, as we've already discussed before. Years ago, on the show when she first came on, she brought on my half-biological sister on the show and filmed with her the same way she did with Kandi when she brought that Johnnie [Winston] guy on. She did the same thing to me, tried to take me down, and it didn't work because we ended up getting it before it even hit the air. So Phaedra's been doing stuff like this. She just got caught with these girls."

Later on in the show, NeNe weighed in on why Phaedra would spread the gossip in the first place. "I don't know," NeNe told Andy Cohen. "I just think that Phaedra is just a person — we've said it for so long — that has a way of wanting to be seen one way, but she does all these things behind camera. She's always been that way. This is not anything new. It may be new to you guys, but for us that work with her, we've always known her to be that person."

And just because Porsha didn't actually start the rumors about Kandi doesn't mean that NeNe is letting her off the hook, either, since she had a hand in spreading them. "Porsha is not innocent at all. As I've said to so many people, 'If you and I decide to rob the bank together, if I mastermind it and you carry out the plan, and we went before a judge, we both would be sentenced, honey, for life in prison, child.' So Porsha is just as guilty as Phaedra," NeNe explained. "She ain't that damn dumb when she's saying somebody raped her and wanted to do all this crazy stuff to her. She could've simply asked Kandi. Who sits up and carries this lie out throughout the entire season without even asking them?"

Later on the show, NeNe gave an update on her relationship with former co-star Kandi Burruss. The Atlanta fashionista did not hold back when it came to updating a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen caller on their status Sunday night, and it seems there's no bad blood between the two ladies.

"Kandi and I are good now. Thank God she came from under Phaedra's spell," NeNe shared during her appearance in the Clubhouse. "The whole time I was watching the reunion, she kept saying to Porsha, 'Girl, you speaking for her.' I was saying to myself, 'Kandi, child, you used to be the same way, honey. And I'm so glad you came from under Phaedra's spell.' So Kandi and I are good. Hey, Kandi, call me girl."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo