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Lisa Oldfield Continues To Slam Her RHOS Co-Stars Krissy Marsh And Victoria Rees And Insults Her Own Family — Again!

Lisa Oldfield continues to cause controversy and making headlines by attacking her own husband David Oldfield and her children as well by attacking her Real Housewives of Sydney co-stars Krissy Marsh and Victoria Rees.

During a recent interview with Nova's Smallzy via The Daily Mail, the Foxtel reality star once again insulted her family during a radio interview on Monday afternoon.

"I think people appreciate that I'm real, my kids are d**kheads, I hate my husband," she said, referring to former One Nation co-founder David Oldfield.

To confirm she meant the harsh things she was saying, radio host Smallzy asked, "Do you hate David?" and Lisa replied, "Pretty much."

Oldfield then went on to discuss the poor language used by her sons, Albert, 4, and Harry, 6, after previously saying she allows the boys to swear.

"(My sons) use much worse language than I do, in fact a lot of the insults, in fact the four-year-old called me this morning a 's**t-eating c**k master. So there you go, a d**khead seems kind of tame."

During the radio interview, Lisa went on to slam her co-stars and Krissy Marsh and Victoria Rees. Lisa insists the former model her disvussed 'designer vagina' and told Lisa that even if her nether regions looked like 'Bubble Yum' chewing gum, surgery could fix them.

"I did not know that was a thing. My lady garden is intact because my children went through the sun roof and it hasn't been used since," said Lisa.

Lisa also told Smallzy that Krissy wanted her 'designer vagina' as a story line on the show, however Krissy has denied ever discussing the issue.

The brunette then had a go at co-star Victoria Rees, implying she would die alone and furthermore deserves to.

"I think Victoria finally realized she was a bitter nasty lonely old b***h, and she deserves to be lonely. I can tell you what no one will be at her funeral," said Lisa.

The harsh comments come after Victoria sent out two shady tweets asking her followers to reveal where Lisa works.

The tweets enraged Lisa, who is a successful project developer in the technology sector, causing her to hit back with a savage Instagram post.

"That #moron #victoriabitter seems #obsessed with me - can #someone please tell her what I do for a #living?' she wrote on Instagram. "In #plainEnglish #spoileralert unlike that #grub #vicki I don't live off the #proceeds of my #grandparents #illgotten #gains derived from #illegal #gambling and #prostitution. I work in #technology and pay my #taxes #rhos."

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail