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Lea Black Defends Joanna Krupa And Romain Zago From Online Haters Amid Divorce News!

As previously reported, Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago are calling it quits after nearly four years of marriage and Krupa's former Real Housewives of Miami co-star Lea Black is coming to their defense amid recent divorce news.

Black, who was known as “The Mayor of Miami” on the Bravo hit reality series took to her own web-series, Lunch with Lea, which airs Wednesdays at noon via her official Facebook page addressed the news about Krupa and Zago's split and came to their defense from online haters.

“Let me tell you what. I am just outraged with any of you idiots that are going on any social media saying nasty things about either one of them. What is wrong with you?,” said Black about the former couple.

“From what I understand it’s very amicable, they’re very hard-working classy people and these trashy people that are going on with these hate comments is annoying me. I have a feeling that it’s probably the same group of people that either: Don’t like her, have beef with her or are jealous of her - that are going on 20 different accounts and spreading the rumors and putting up the trash. You need to stop it.”

She continued: “I feel like Joanna is a very beautiful woman. I love Romain as well. I loved them as a couple and I love them as not a couple. I wish them both well and no one understands how hard they work. Do you know how hard it is to run a damn nightclub?,” said the former Miami housewife.

“Romain has a tough job. Then, Joanna, she’s pretty and everything - but she works at it. She works out everyday. She spends hours with the hair and makeup people, she’s always got the best clothes to wear – that is a full-time job. Then you got to walk all those red carpets and then you got to go and get your picture taken and you’ve got to go out and hustle the next gig and you got to have the PR people - that’s a job.”

She added: “I don’t think people should be making fun of somebody just because they decided to get divorced. Unless you have a bone in the fight what would your bone in the fight be? They’re not interested in you?”

Well said Lea! You can catch Lea's web series Lunch with Lea ever Wednesday at noon via her official Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Bravo