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Krissy Marsh Fires Back At RHOS Co-Star Lisa Oldfield After Explosive First Season: “I Was Everything She Wanted To Be And Wants To Be”

Krissy Marsh has had enough of her co-star Lisa Oldfield's foul mouth and name calling attacks towards her. The Real Housewives of Sydney star has hit back at Oldfield for using profanities to describe her during the first season of the Foxtel hit reality series.

“She called me a slut, a whore, a mole — it did not stop and it still does not stop today,” Marsh told Confidential. “She has nothing else going on in her life. Talk about your life, darling, I’ve got enough going on in my life to not have to reference her but unfortunately that is all she seems to reference.”

“It is not ideal to be called a slut, especially when your mother taught you your reputation is everything. It is online bullying,” she continued.  “I gave her something to talk about. I was everything she wanted to be and wants to be. I’ve got a wonderful family, a wonderful husband, and kind and loving kids.”

Foxtel is yet to announce a second season, although it is almost a given that the show will get one after a successful first season.

“I wish her all the best on her path but really don’t want to have any association at all,” Marsh explained.

When asked if she thought Oldfield would return for another season, Marsh added: “Personally the girls would love it if she wasn’t but then she probably makes good TV with the dead cat and the lies, it is fodder.

“There is an audience for that, I am sure.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel