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Karen Huger Thinks Her RHOP Co-Stars Need To Stay Out Of Robyn Dixon’s Relationship With Juan!

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger talks about the way the ladies handled rumors about Robyn Dixon's marriage - and find out why she defends Ashley Darby's actions. Check it out! Tell us about being in the middle of Charrisse/Robyn and Ashley – you said it’s good Ashley has a strong point of view in interview. Should Ashley have brought it up to Robyn that night? 

Karen Huger: I know Ashley can be a pot stirrer, but not this time. I believe Ashley’s intentions concerning Robyn are coming from a very good place. Ashley did what any GROWN woman who truly cares for her friend would do- she went to Robyn’s closest friend with her concerns. After her failed attempt to discuss this with Gizelle, because Gizelle was in the process of being thrown out of yet another house party, Ashley came to me for advice about the rumor. I suggested that she speak to Robyn directly. Ashely had heard what she considered to be some NOT so nice things said about Juan and wanted to discuss it with Robyn. Unfortunately, before Ashley could speak to Robyn, Gizelle shared what Ashley had mentioned to her. What we ALL didn’t know until Robyn told us that at the cookout was that she and Juan are NOT in a relationship and that if he is dating others, that’s ok. Had Robyn said this before, we would not be having this conversation. COOL – now we know. I can understand Ashely’s confusion and conviction, she is a very intelligent person who stands her ground if she believes she’s right. Ashley simply reacted the way she did because she only had half of the story. In Ashley’s mind, the cheating rumor coupled with the fact that Robyn had recently shared with us that Juan wants her to his girlfriend/wife again doesn’t exactly go hand in hand. Could Ashley’s timing have been better - possibly? On the other hand, maybe not? When is it ever a good time to tell your friend that you’ve heard infidelity rumors about her partner? It had to be difficult for Ashley, as she'd pondered whether or not to go to Robyn as the bearer of bad news. She was attempting to do what she thought was the right thing. What were you thinking when the realtor gave you the news about the state of selling your home? Why no open houses for your home? 

KH: It makes sense that as a homeowner I would want the asking price for my home. Wendy is one of the strongest realtors in Potomac. While I was not happy to hear that it’s is a buyer’s market, it is a fact and not fiction and I have to accept the facts. Wendy is a straight shooter- that’s why I hired her. As for the open house suggestion, I am not convinced of the value of having a wide range of people going through my house pretending to be buyers. It’s not my cup of tea. NOT HAPPENING – NEXT! What is it like watching those buyers tour your house? What do you think of their comments?  

KH: Were they buyers? We’ve had many curiosity seekers. It was quite comical. Really, the foyer is outdated? During the selling process of my home to legitimate prospective buyers, they have made many comments. They’ve expressed their desire to renovate a bathroom, bedroom, even one of the kitchens, but at no time have I heard this one. Prospective buyers will try to find anything to lower the asking price so that they can afford the house. What do you think about Charrisse and Ashley's blow up in the store? 

KH: Yet another blow up among the girls! This time it’s Ashley and Charrisse. I’m losing count. At least the last fight wasn't in an alley. They both should know better than to fight inside someone’s boutique. The owner, Gilda, is one of our longstanding community business owners. They both should go back and apologize. Listening to Charrisse tell Ashley she was being insensitive toward Robyn at the cookout reminded me of that loud noise chalk makes when writing on a blackboard. In the words of my girl Monique, “Let’s press rewind and play it back.”

If you recall, during the cookout, Ashley asked me to step away from the guest to speak in private about her concerns. Charrisse checks in, a welcomed addition, but nonetheless an uninvited addition and flat out says “She’s being nosy.” Hence, Charrisse starts this argument with Ashley stating Robyn’s issue as her basis for contention. Last I heard, Robyn addressed this matter all on her own at the cookout. This subject did not need to be revisited again unless it was Robyn doing the revisiting. Bringing this up NOW makes no sense to me. It's childish and unnecessary. Understandably, Charrisse is still upset with Ashley over her insisting on being introduced to Eddie at her party. Charrisse is dealing with major changes in her own life right now. Her plate is full. For that matter, so is mine. To be honest, I am juggling so many issues in my own life right now that I’m grateful not be a part of the petty arguments going on with the girls. Life is way too SHORT! What do you think about Charrisse and Gizelle's sit down with Robyn - are they doing right by their friend? 

KH: This sit down with Robyn is exactly what Robyn does NOT want. Robyn asks all of us time and time again to stay out of her relationship with Juan and to mind our own business. Personally, I respect her and our friendship enough to do just that. Robyn is a grown woman and she knows that I will be there for her when needed. While I believe Gizelle and Charrisse mean well, they are not respecting Robyn’s wishes.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo