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Janet Roach Claims Pettifleur Berenger Was Fired From RHOMelbourne!

As previously reported, Pettifleur Berenger confirmed last week that she was walking away from The Real Housewives of Melbourne and that she was not returning to the upcoming fourth season of the Foxtel hit reality series to focus on other projects.

However, Janet Roach is claiming that Berenger did not quit but in fact was fired from the show. Roach said she feels for Berenger, who she believed wanted to come back, but producers and Foxtel chose otherwise.

“Pettifleur is naughty to say she resigned,” Roach told The Herald Sun.“I am actually heartbroken for her. I have it on really, really good authority that she was devastated.”

“But the fact is, we knew she wasn’t coming back, because we already had our contracts and she didn’t.”

According to the publication, Foxtel has opted for two new Housewives to replace Berenger and Susie McLean, who is now dating Mick Molloy.

Those two are expected to be Venus Behbahani-Clark and Sally Bloomfield, who will be officially unveiled next week at a press conference.

Sources tell the publication that there's already a feud brewing on set between one of the new Housewives and other cast members.

Despite being shunned by producers, it’s not all bad news for Berenger as she is currently filming the first season of Australia's celebrity edition of Channel 7's Hell’s Kitchen.

Photo Credit: Google Images