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ITVBe Reveals The Reason Why They Decided Not To Do A RHOChehsire Reunion Special For Season 5!

This week, the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire came to an end on Monday. The finale got heated as former besties Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown FINALLY confronted each other in a heated argument after the two avoided to film with each other most of the season.

Unfortunately for fans, no reunion special was filmed for this season, instead the network decided to take a different direction and do an "alternative reunion" and instead do a behind-the-scenes special with reunion host Brian Dowling paying the cast a visit in their homes. (I'm NOT kidding!)

The special, which aired on Tuesday night showed Dowling meeting each of the eight Real Housewives cast members at their “favorite haunts” to chat about their lives and get a peek inside their Cheshire mansions.

While fans were left unsatisfied after realizing that no reunion special will take place (which I don't blame them), the network released a statement revealing their reasons why they decided to take a different approach instead on doing the franchise's infamous reunion specials.

“This series we just wanted to mix it up a little,” a spokesman for ITVBe told Manchester Evening News. “Rather then being a studio based show, we thought it might be a good alternative to get out and about.”

“This 11th episode will be ‘At Home With The Real Housewives of Cheshire’. Brian Dowling is still involved and this will be an ‘alternative reunion’ special which sees Brian visiting the cast in their natural environment, allowing us to explore the girls' lives in a fresh, fun and informative manner whilst also reflecting on their experiences in series five.

“Brian will also have the opportunity to learn about ‘Living The Cheshire Life’ as he visits the girls in their multi-million pound mansions, snooping through their wardrobes, eating in their favorite restaurants and joining them in their usual pursuits and pampering.”

The publication claims that filming will start next month for the show's sixth series, but it is unclear which of the current cast members will be taking part.

A show spokeswoman said: “We never confirm a show’s line-up for a new series while we’re still airing one.”

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Photo Credit: ITVBe