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Grego Minot Opens Up About Meeting Her Birth Mother And Weighs In On All The Drama That Went Down On The Real Housewives Of Toronto!

Grego Minot is sharing her thoughts on her first season of The Real Housewives of Toronto. The mother-of-two tells all via a recent interview with Slice as she reflects on her first season and weighs in on the show's more memorable and dramatic moments.

Behind the Scenes of Grego’s Huge 2017
Q: 2017 has been a huge year for you personally — while The Real Housewives of Toronto was airing, you were going through some very impactful things in your personal life. Can you tell us what you’ve been up to?

A: 2017 has definitely been a big year. I was reunited with my birth mother not too long ago. My husband, my children and my adoptive parents made the trip to Thailand to meet [my birth mother] for the first time. It was a very emotional, life-changing experience. We spent a whole week together and there was an instant connection. She dreamt about that day, just like me, and it finally happened.

Q: What did you two talk about?

A: We had a translator because I don’t speak Thai and she doesn’t speak English. The first hour we didn’t speak much – it was just holding hands and a lot of crying. It was like we understood each other, we didn’t need to say much. Of course I had a lot of questions, but I wanted to know about her and her life. I brought an album of me as a little girl, and I was explaining a bit about my life. It was magical.

Q: Did you watch Lisa Vanderpump explain her situation with her son on RHOBH? She said her son Max just wants to meet his birth mother to thank her for his life. Can you relate?

A: Yeah that was basically my same reason. I wanted to find her and thank her for what she did as a young woman so many years ago. I know it was a huge sacrifice, but it was a huge act of love. I told her that all my life growing up she’s always been with me, and I’m very grateful for what she did and I only have love for her. I could tell hearing that was a great relief for her.

Her Favourite Moments This Season
Q: What’s it been like watching the series back?

A: Wonderful, but I was so nervous. When you watch it back like everyone else, you have no idea how the show’s going to be edited. There were lot of things where I thought “oh my god, that really happened?” Because we don’t know all the scenes that happened with the other wives, there were a lot of things that I learned at the same time as the audience.

Does Grego Still Talk to the Other Women?
Q: How are your relationships with the other women now?

A: Well most of us are good friends. I talk to Joan, Ann, Jana and Roxy. I don’t have any contact with Kara though.

Her Relationship with Kara
Q: Your relationship with Kara comes of a little cold on the show. From the very first episode, you can’t tell if there was much effort from her side, then she could never get your name right, then you found out she was allegedly gossiping about you. Why do you think you never really connected?

A: Watch the season, Kara’s actions were very difficult for me to understand. The lies and the gossip she spread about us was so offensive and hurtful, and many more things didn’t even make the final cut. The drama behind the cameras was even bigger.

Kara was unpredictable and her behavior was difficult and hard to deal with for all of us. She attacked Joan and Roxy in a personal and abusive way, and they were both very hurt. I always wanted to protect them.

On Staying Out of the Drama
Q: You did a good job this season of steering clear of the drama this season, but now that you’ve seen everything that was said, do you wish you would’ve inserted yourself more?

A: Definitely. When you’re filming you’re not aware of everything that’s been said, so you learn as you film. Knowing everything that happened now, I definitely would’ve spoken my mind more, and I would’ve positioned myself better.

Grego’s OMG! Moments of the Season
Q: Watching the show, were there any moments you couldn’t believe you saw?

A: That scene where Joan confronts Kara. Joan called me after that scene and she was shaken and shocked. But to see what really happened… it was hard to watch.

Is Grego Down for a Season Two?
A: Oh yes! Definitely.

Is There Anything You Would Do Differently?
Q: Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would do differently going into season two?

A: I will definitely be more prepared emotionally and professionally. For season one, I joined the cast at the very last minute so I didn’t have much time to prepare myself for this wild adventure. I’ll also be more comfortable to speak my mind and condition myself even better. Plus I hope to show more of my personal story and show more of my creative and business side. I’m now working on different business projects that I’m very passionate about and want to share with the audience.

One thing’s for sure though, I’ll always remain the positive Grego who chooses to see the best in people.

Grego’s Final Thoughts
A: Season one was full of learnings. It was challenging at certain times, but it was an extraordinary experience. I’m proud of all of the… I mean most of my castmates, and I’m proud of myself. It was a new experience for all of us and because we shared that together we now have a unique bond. This show brought me closer to my old friends, and gave me new friends for life.

Full interview courtesy via Slice

Source/Photo Credit: Slice