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Gizelle Bryant Weighs In On Ashley Darby And Robyn Dixon’s Heated Argument And Explains Why She Regrets It Happening At Ashley’s Restaurant OZ!

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle dishes on that epic argument with Ashley Darby and Robyn Dixon, and why she regrets it happening at OZ. Check it out! Why did you want to go to OZ to confront Ashley Darby? Tell us about being part of that big blow up. 

Gizelle Bryant: First, it was Karen Huger that thought Ashley was a rude, inconsiderate humping banshee. Then she said highly inappropriate things to Charrisse Jackson Jordan causing her to feel like Ashley was immature and ignorant. Then the Robyn Dixon/Juan accusations just brought Ashley to a new level of hot fish frying messiness. Now when all these things are happening I am defending Ashely, being her biggest cheerleader. I'm VOUCHING for her, telling all the other ladies that Ashley means well, she really doesn't want to be messy, she just can't help it sometimes. I'm saying, "ladies come on, I mean... she's cute, and she smells fresh and her hair makes her like a cuddly chia pet". How can you NOT like a chia pet? So yes, I needed to look at Ashley in the eyeballs and tell her that she had crossed the line and has gone way too far. Did you know Robyn was so upset and the confrontation would get as big as it did at the restaurant? 

GB: There is an old saying, "DON'T POKE THE BEAR", because if the bear wakes up from its comfortable, calm, laid back sleep then everybody needs to run for cover. I had no idea that Robyn was as angry as she was. If I knew that in advance I would not have suggested that we go to OZ and confront Ashley. Now you know I love a good confrontation, however, that was not a conversation that should have taken place at anybody's business let alone Ashley's. Ashley deserved to hear everything that we said in the way that we said it but she didn't need to be bad! What do you think of Ashley’s comments in interview about your marriage? 

GB: I don't have an issue or concern with anyone making comments about my marriage. My marriage is old, fossil-like, very crusty news...where are the dinosaurs? However, people need to realize that I have been there, done that so I have great knowledge and insight in a marriage that is one signature away from being a divorce. Tell us about attending the Pave event and Karen opening up that night on stage.

GB: Karen telling her story was the bravest thing that I've seen any of my friends do in a long time. I was happy that she allowed us to be a part of that night with her. She made us all very proud and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking off all the people that she is going to help by just telling HER story. Bravo, Karen!. Why didn’t you want to give Monique your number, did you feel she was being sincere? 

GB: Monique went from putting me and Kal under FBI surveillance in her home. She had her friends read our lips and strain their ears to hear things that were NOT said to them. To calling me all kinds of terrible names, to asking me for my number so we can be besties ....NOT TODAY!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo