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Dorinda Medley: “This Was Both A Very Emotional And Therapeutic Episode For Me”

Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda Medley shares more about the anniversary of Richard's death and defends Luann D'Agostino.

Dorinda writes:

"As you can imagine, this was both a very emotional and therapeutic episode for me. It's been five years since Richard passed and I feel it is truly a turning point. Enough time has passed to grieve, accept my new life, and really understand he's never coming back. I was overwhelmed and deeply touched by Hannah's speech. You only saw a small part of it but it was incredible and heartfelt. I always knew that Richard and Hannah had a special relationship but I do not think I understood how strong their bond was and how his passing affected her in so many ways. I feel this was a watershed moment for Hannah - a hard, difficult moment. It was necessary for her to get it all out there and let the world know this. I was so proud of her and it made the day not only more special, but gave it a sense of real completion. As I said in the episode, we will always love Richard but we now can love and own our new life and move forward. Hannah's quote from Dr. Seuss said it perfectly: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." 

I love Luann's dress an MY bridesmaid's dress. As I said throughout this whole engagement, I never thought I would be a bridesmaid at this age (more of a mother of the bride), but I am excited. In the words of her sister Rene, "I love lace" too. This is a very exciting time and it its all happening so fast. I have never seen Luann happier and it is time for people to either celebrate with her or be silent. The wedding is weeks away and there is no more room for negativity. And I look great in rose pink satin!

I am confused watching the living situation of Sonja and Tinsley. I get the feeling that Tinsley is being watched and almost tortured. I would feel completely uncomfortable to be a guest of someone that I thought was following my every move and implementing "pop up" rules of acting appropriately as a house guest. Clearly Tinsley is well raised and from a good family. Additionally, she just moved back from Palm Beach from a dreadful situation. She is coming back to NYC a bit hesitatant and hurt. I want Sonja's home to be a place of refuge for her to heal and grow back into NYC and her new life. Tinsley has been through enough and needs kindness and comforting, not criticism. I hope they work this living situation out or it will clearly end badly. But as I said before, Tinsley, move out!!!

One comment about Carole's famous couch. Never get rid of it. I don't care if it's shredded to bits - it's iconic! This couch is from her late husband's mother and has the old school, not to be found anymore tiger fabric. I believe it's Salamander, isn't it? Well I love it and every time I see it I think the stories it could tell!

Well next week we're in the Bronx, oh no!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo