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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Is Not Surprised Gizelle Bryant Was Kicked Out Of Monique Samuel’s Home!

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse Jackson Jordan addresses the "dropping one name" comment and Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels' game night fight. Check it out! What did you think about Monique telling her friend to flirt with you? Flattered?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: Monique telling Hank to flirt with me was done out of fun, I'm sure. For some reason, people feel that I'm this lonely person who needs a man in my life, when in all candor I am just facing the fact that my marriage is over. The last thing I'm thinking about is a situation with anyone. Flattered? The fact that that she thinks I can attract someone who can chronologically be my son is flattering, of course. Tell us what you meant in your speech about dropping your name. What do you think about Robyn and Gizelle’s reactions to your speech later? 

CJJ: Knowing that I am headed towards a divorce, there's the option of dropping my married name. Coming to a place of acceptance of my situation, for some reason, helps me to go through this process by being open about my status. Quite frankly, I could care less what Gizelle thinks or has to say about anything as it pertains to my marriage. She has not been a supportive component in my life, but to hear Robyn report back to her with that petty bit of information was a little disheartening. However, look who she was reporting to... The Miserable One wouldn't be interested in hearing how great the evening was, so Robyn did the best she could to make an overall great night appear crazy on my behalf to appease her miserable friend. What do you think about Gizelle and Monqiue’s clash? 

CJJ: I'm not surprised by Gizelle and Cal's messy behavior in Monique's home because that's what dumb and dumber does. They go around and try to tear people down to make their weak souls feel good. But clearly Gizelle has met her worst nightmare in Monique, because she will get shut down immediately. Was Gizelle wrong to talk about Monique or was Monique overreacting? 

CJJ: Of course she was wrong. She wasn't expecting to get called out on it. Gizelle loves running her mouth behind a person's back, but can't handle being confronted with her mess. Monique has a low tolerance for petty behavior, and Gizelle has demonstrated nothing but pettiness from the moment she met Monique. Why did you break down at Monique’s home? Tell us about that moment.

CJJ: OMG! That was the day from hell! I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up and literally could not stop crying the entire day. Nothing happened specifically to trigger my state of sadness and nothing apparently could turn it off. Perhaps it was realizing my life was about to change and the fear of it all overwhelmed me. It felt like a death of a loved one. I truly wanted to stay home but felt compelled to show my support for my girl Monique. I knew all the ladies were coming, and it being her first gathering for us, I did my best to pull it all together to only fall apart. My life is a huge roller coaster at this point. This day was a big drop, but I will be on a incline momentarily. Ugh! Divorce sucks!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo