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Charrisse Jackson Jordan: “I Am Not A Fan Of Ashley For Running Her Mouth About My Personal Life”

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse Jackson Jordan explains why Skylar's reaction to the news makes her proud of the daughter she raised and reacts to that "ambush" at OZ. Check it out! What do you think of Gizelle Bryant sticking up for you at OZ confronting Ashley Darby saying she owes you an apology? 

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: Gizelle had me on the floor when she told Ashley that I would drag her over the river and through the woods. Gizelle and I have been through a rough patch and it made my heart smile to hear her speak in my defense. What do you think about this confrontation in OZ?

CJJ: The confrontation at Oz was a little too intense, but I LOVED it!! Lol! Personally, I would not have gone to her workplace because I’m more of a meet me in the alley kind of chic (lol). Seriously, during a moment of anger, you don’t think about who, what, when, or where. That little girl (AKA Ashley) should curtail her tongue when blabbing her mouth about the relationships of others to avoid situations like that. Heck, the outcome could’ve been worse. Tell us about opening up to your daughter about your relationship with Eddie.

CJJ: I was dreading the day of talking to my kids about the status of my relationship with their dad. That was truly the most difficult thing I’ve had to do. However, I know that Skylar is such a remarkable young woman. It’s almost like talking to a wise adult. My concern was more of the content of the discussion and its sensitivity - me being emotional was just from thinking about that. To no surprise she listened, she processed and responded like the intellectual scholar that she is. It’s almost like a role reversal where she is the mature adult and I am the emotional child. Watching the conversation was, of course, emotional for me, but seeing how Skylar handles it makes me so proud of the daughter that I have raised. My goal is to ensure that this transition in our lives remain loving and positive as humanly possible. Tell us about attending the PAVE event and Karen Huger opening up that night on stage.

CJJ: As a parent of young adults entering the world I want to protect my children. Rape is a crime and I admire organizations like PAVE for doing the work that they are doing. To be a victim of such a heinous offense and take a public stand on it is commendable. I applaud Karen for bringing awareness to an epidemic that unfortunately, continues to exist. Why did you not respond to Ashley at the PAVE event? What do you think about Gizelle asking you if you madeMonique Samuels ask for her number?

CJJ: I am not a fan of Ashley for running her mouth about my personal life. I’m not really sure why she has self-appointed herself to be the spokesperson for the life and relationship of Charrisse, but her facts are all wrong. My husband didn’t leave me. He left our home for a job to continue to provide for his family. I don’t expect her to comprehend what that’s like being that her life is measured on the success of - or lack thereof - her husband’s restaurant. My feelings for Ashley are far from fond and I refuse to be phony. Until we are in a good place (if ever) I am not going to hug and do the faux air kiss thing with her. I came to support Karen’s event and support a great cause and that’s exactly what I did. The Menopausal Mess is too old to play with children.

I guess Gizelle thought that I encouraged Monique to play nice, but the truth is that had I known Monique was going to ask her for her number, I would’ve told her not to waste her time. Gizelle isn’t the easiest person to become friendly with. The word on the street is that Gizelle isn’t taking applications for new friends. Trust me, I have heard several stories. I have to admit, I love the exchanges between those two and they keep me laughing and I love a good laugh. I also LOVE being on the outside looking in :).

What do you think about Charrisse’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo