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Bravo Releases Trailer Of Bethenny Frankel And Fredrik Eklund’s New Series “Keeping It Real Estate” — Watch It Here!

As previously reported Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund have teamed up for the new Bravo series, which is called Keeping It Real Estate. Now the network has released for first trailer of the show and star and executive producer Frankel reveals what we can expect from the series.

"We've been filming it for about a month and it's stressful and hilarious," The Real Housewives of New York City pal told The Daily Dish at the NBCUniversal Upfront on Monday. "I mean it's really funny, but it's very intense. It's so real and I keep saying to Fredrik, 'cause his show is more formatted, and I keep saying to him, 'The show's always going to be ahead of you. You will never be able to keep up with the show.' And it keeps happening, and he's like, 'I don't even know what's going on.' He said we filmed for so long, which is more like Housewives. I'm like, 'Yeah, we're filming for hours and see what happens.' We're having a great time."

Considering it's been an adjustment for the Million Dollar Listing New York agent to slide into Bethenny's world a little bit, she shared just how well he's doing playing in her galaxy. "He's handling it phenomenally well because people haven't seen this side of him. People see Fredrik in charge of everything and he's the business guy. And he is and he's amazing, but this is showing when you film for two hours, you're gonna see something different. And so this is different for him and it's amazing. I think it's bringing out a side of him that people have never seen. I mean I know it is," she shared. "And it's different for me. My production company B Real is producing it, so I'm involved in the process and the editing. I'm excited. I think it's really good."

And there's a lot at stake for everyone involved. "It's both of us investing millions of dollars of our own money, which neither of us have ever done before," she said. "So you're getting a high-stakes situation and it's scary 'cause it doesn't matter if Bravo would love a happy ending. If we're not coming to terms, there's no happy ending. So I have no idea what's going to happen."

Watch the trailer for Bethenny and Fredrik's "Keeping it Real Estate" below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo