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Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Dating After Split From Dennis Shields: “It's Time To Put The Bethenny Burners Back On”

Bethenny Frankel recently opened up in a new interview about her split from Dennis Shields and revealed that she is ready to date again. The Real Housewives of New York City star, who confirmed her breakup in a recent blog for Bravo — explained why she decided to pull the plug on her nearly year-long relationship with the Manhattan banker.

“I think people always ask me about my love, or lack of love, life,” Frankel told Entertainment Tonight. “I've been really focused on work so much and sometimes, something has to give and it was just that.”

She continued: “I have to be able to be focused and sleep. I'm building my Skinnygirl business, I've created a charity, I have a daughter, so sometimes, dating seems like you're really not going to be able to fit it in.”

Though balancing her love life with her duties as a mother and businesswoman can be challenging, Frankel told ET that she is ready to jump back into the dating pool this summer.

“I ripped the Band-Aid off, like, two days ago. I did. Just lit the flame, lit the match, put the burners on and I'm off to the races,” she said. “Open for business. Summer's coming. It's time to put the Bethenny burners back on.”

Prior to Shields, Frankel — who finalized her messy divorce from Hoppy in July 2016 — romanced financier Michael "Mac" Cerussi II. Back in September, Frankel revealed told Us Weekly what she looks for in a significant other. "Integrity and kindness now are so much more important than I ever even realized, because I didn’t realize how many people don’t have it," she said at the time. "I think I’ve been pretty sheltered in my emotional estimation of people. I’ve gotten pretty surprised."

Photo Credit: Bravo