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Athena X Levendi: “I Couldn’t Understand Why Matty Threw The Champagne On Me”

Athena X Levendi is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Athan shares her thoughts on the Season 1 finale of RHOS and opens up about her fight with Victoria Rees and Krissy Marsh.

Athena writes:

"Visiting Kathryn Hand the hypnotherapist was my last resort in getting some answers to why the relationship with the other ladies was somewhat stuck. I know a lot of you out there probably don’t believe or understand how past life can relate to today’s life, but for me it’s something I’ve explored before; and I have discovered some fascinating connections and truths and also have  been able to let go of emotions I’ve been clinging on too supposedly from past lives.  All I can say about this very complex “regression  ” in a few words not to  confuse you all ,is that I’ve come to understand that our subconscious holds all our inner thoughts and truths & fears and through  hypnosis we can access some truths that are perhaps hidden in our subconscious thoughts.

Psychologists Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud both spoke about the messages our dreams hold and how we can explore them to find out more about the human psyche.  It’s such a personal and brave exploration for me to share with the world, as I can see how some people would completely misinterpret the entire moment, only because they do not understand. I certainly did not do this to convince anybody of my beliefs but just to explore new concepts and perhaps give some awareness. That’s not to say that I am still not entirely convinced myself, however a lot of it makes sense to me even if you are to take the messages as a voice from the subconscious.

I did find out a lot of fascinating information about my relationship with Lisa and Nicole, and I can certainly say it has helped me connect with them both with far more openness, love and compassion.

Having the girls join me for a beautiful breakfast at Levendi was something I really wanted to do, by sharing my world my inspiration and a part of my everyday life and journey. I also thought this was a great way for them to start opening up towards Lisa and me.

The watch I gifted them is called Ithaca. It is inspired by the famous poem Ithaca by K.Kavafis. Just like in the poem, life’s journey is not only about reaching the destination, or the “island” but the experience one will gain along the way towards their own “Ithaca “. I thought this was very symbolic as I was sharing a part of my journey with these beautiful girls that I was getting to know and appreciate.

What better way than to share a piece of my journey with my new friends .

Yes you already know I am very open to anything different and unique so the fact that we were all invited to a ceremony wedding of a cat and dog was completely fascinating to me. I’ll admit, it was a bit crazy and bonkers but I live for the weird and crazy.

So I was excited to put on a frock and join in their madness of it all.

I really couldn’t take it seriously and of course I couldn’t compare it to human behaviour or relate to it as this was the first dog & cat wedding for me. I enjoyed being a guest and allowing myself to have fun by cracking some jokes and being my cheeky reactive self..!

I even bought along some party crackers and some glitter to throw at the end of the ceremony as in the Greek tradition we usually throw rice, but I thought in this case the glitter would be more appropriate.

Shame I had that moment with Krissy and I had to toss it in her face to shut her up.  I never got the chance to say what glitters isn’t Gold….

The fact that Krissy and Victoria were trying to accuse me and portray me as someone who has a problem with drinking was appalling and shameless as it was a blatant lie and if anybody shouldn’t be throwing those accusations would have to be these two women who love a skinny bitch and a drink for days !

I couldn’t understand why Matty threw the Champagne on me and I also couldn’t understand why she wasn’t screaming at Krissy and Nicole, they were the ones that created this whole debacle …Shamefully Lisa and I got dragged in to clean it up. Reflecting back now I wish I said nothing…

Once again a group of women attacking belittling and embarrassing each other and as I said, “You can give strawberries to pigs but they will never be appreciated”. ..

After this Cat and dog wedding I came to the realisation that  “No we were not that different to a bunch of wild cats and dogs. All I needed was to take off to a meditation retreat and seek some cleansing and spiritual advice!

Namaste Amen Love & forgiveness"

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The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Foxtel