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Athena X Levendi Had To Be Physically Restrained During RHOS Season 1 Reunion After Threatening To “F**king Smash” Co-Star Victoria Rees!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Athena X Levendi had to be physically restrained after threatening to "f**king smash" her Real Housewives of Sydney co-star Victoria Rees during an off camera incident.

Apparently, Athena had to be held back by one of the show's producers as she tried to physically attack Rees.

The heated argument began after Victoria had told Athena that she had behaved like an "a**hole" during the series.

Levendi fired back at Rees: "You better wash your f**king mouth out. I’ll f**king smash you."

The near physical altercation occurred after filming on the show's first reunion had wrapped for the day and the cast were preparing to leave.

Real Housewives Of Sydney executive producer Kylie Washington said Athena's sparring was unlike anything she had seen during her time on the franchise in Melbourne and Auckland.

"Athena just really wound herself up ...[and] you need to break them apart and just go, "okay, enough now"," she said the publication.

Meanwhile Krissy Marsh told News Corp Australia she was 'unsure' as to whether she will return to the show for a second reason. Athena was equally undecided and said she would have to think about things on a higher level before going back on television.

"I’d have to go into a very deep meditation, go into another dimension and hopefully meet my guides and ask them," she explained.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail