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Ashley Darby: “I Thought I Was Being A Friend By Having A Discussion With Robyn But Was Burned At The Stake”

Ashley Darby is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley Darby thinks Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Robyn Dixon both don't address the real issues. Check it out! Did you mean to bring up the Juan rumor to Robyn that night?

Ashley Darby: Yes, because it's a rare occasion that all of us are under one roof. I felt it was a good time to bring up a topic that isn't too pleasant for anyone, including me, but better handled surrounded by familiar faces. The conversation I had with Gizelle was meant to be the introduction to this since Robyn is very defensive and Gizelle is her close friend. Of course, I didn't expect Robyn to do cartwheels and hug me with bounds of gratitude, but I at least thought she would be appreciative of the fact that I brought it to her attention. When I spend time with someone and get to know them as I have with Robyn I make it my business to help them in any way that I can, even if it means giving a pill that's hard to swallow. Tell us about your confrontation with Robyn and Charrisse that night. 

AD: Just as I dealt with last season, I am sick and tired of being told what not to say and do. Charrisse likes to live in the land of 'don't ask, don't tell' but I certainly don't reside there. The proof is in the fact that she turned a blind eye to her own situation, resulting in her feeling like she lost precious years of her life. At the rate Robyn is going she is destined to be Little Charrisse, and we certainly don't want that. So talking about Juan's dating amongst a group of women that Robyn is familiar with was the right thing at the time, and Charrisse needed to understand that versus wanting to sweep it under the rug. Did you expect a blow-up at the store? What do you think about Charrisse bringing up your husband? 

AD: The vibe when I walked into that store was stickier than a pageant girl's butt glue, but I made an agreement to help Charrisse pick out gowns so that's what I aimed to do. Now I see that she had been thinking about her retort for quite some time - and the best thing she could come up with was "let my husband ejaculate inside me." I must've missed the memo, is instructing me to have sex to orgasm meant to serve as a tongue lashing? Taking digs at Michael's age is so 2011 when people actually said hurtful things about our age gap. Charrisse better hope that the next man is able to clean the cobwebs out of her "tutu." What do you think about Charrisse's retelling of your interaction with Gizelle? What do you think of the ladies saying they will get you together this summer? 

AD: I am not surprised Charrisse wanted to flex in front of her friend. After Gizelle dragged Charrisse and aired her dirty laundry, I guess it felt good to take her frustrations on me. It's an understandable defense mechanism that, I would assume, people exhibit as they go through a public divorce. Who am I, Dr. Phil? Anywho, it's funny that the ladies want to get me some way - are they going to help me do a cost of goods sold at Oz? How about evaluating the projected operating budget for the peak season? If getting it together is their mission, that's where their services are needed. Learn to accept me and understand where I'm coming from - don't try to change me. Considering you were trying to do the same, what do you think about Gizelle and Charrisse's sit down with Robyn?

AD: One side of me is like, what the hell?! Here I thought I was being a friend by having a discussion with Robyn but was burned at the stake. The other side of me understands that this is not about me or my feelings - this really is about Robyn. I would've appreciated openness to my effort versus contempt; but if this is the best way for the message to be conveyed to Robyn that she needs to think about herself and personal happiness, then so be it.

I resent the comment that I live in a glass house throwing stones. I am very open about my pursuit of internal fulfillment, and I will continue to follow that journey. Along the way, I'm learning that no one in this world will look out for our best interest except ourselves. No matter who may depend on us or need nurturing, loving oneself should always be at the top of the list. Thinking that we have to suffer for the sake of someone else is an antiquated ideal.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo