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Alex McCord Reveals Which Former RHONY Co-Stars She Still Keeps In Touch With Since Moving To Australia!

Alex McCord, who has moved to Australia recently visited New York City and made an appearance on What Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen this spring. During a recent interview with Bravo, the former Real Housewives of New York City star gives an update on her friendships with her former co-stars and reveals who has kept in touch with since her time on the show.

Alex now lives in "the Hamptons of Australia," so she doesn't often get to be in the same room with any other RHONY ladies. But that's what email is for. "I keep in touch with some of my former castmates. I'm a really terrible correspondent, but a lot of them are pretty good, so they'll email me once or twice a year and we'll have a little back-and-forth," Alex told The Daily Dish during a visit to the Big Apple earlier this spring. "Jill [Zarin]'s a great pen pal. I've talked to Sonja [Morgan], Ramona, Andy [Cohen]."

No matter how much drama transpired between Alex and her onetime castmates on RHONY, she said things are all good with them these days. "I think that harboring ill will toward people, former castmates, that is just, why would you ever do that? So I was on the show with Luann [D'Agostino], Ramona, Bethenny [Frankel], and Jill. I know Luann had just gotten married. I'm so happy for her for that. She and I were never friends, but I'm really thrilled that she can move on from the whole count and countess thing and find someone to be with." Alex said. "I'm so sad for Ramona and Mario [Singer]. I don't know the whole story there, but look, I wish her the absolute best of luck. Jill is in Florida with Bobby [Zarin], and I think that that's wonderful."

In fact, when fellow RHONY alums Alex and Jill do catch up, they don't reminisce about the good old days. "When she and I talk, we don't talk about the show. We talk about kids and what we're doing. It's nice that we can go from having that shared experience," Alex said. "Don't forget, on the show we were killing each other. But we don't talk about that, because that's in the past. We talk about dogs and what's happening today."

There is one fellow Housewife who Alex doesn't keep in touch with as much as the others. "I keep in touch with Bethenny the least," she said. "I definitely haven't talked to her since we moved."

Alex said that she has even met some of the New York Housewives that joined the show after her. "Well, I knew Dorinda [Medley] before the Housewives because she was a friend of both Ramona's and Jill's. She was around at lots of parties, so she's always been great. I'm thrilled for her that she's been able to step up to it and is having fun with it. That's great," she shared. "I don't know Carole [Radziwill] or Heather [Thomson]. I did meet Aviva [Drescher] because she went on the show before we left."

Looking back on her time on RHONY, Alex said that juggling her many other commitments, such as work and family, in the first couple of seasons of the show made her "let a lot of things that annoyed me that the other ladies did slide," but all in all, she said she has "no regrets." "I'm glad it's in the rearview mirror, but what a crazy experience," Alex said.

But even so, was there anything Alex had wished she had said to her castmates, or did she have any messages to deliver to them now? "Oh no, by the time I got to the Season 4 reunion, I said it, and I think I was probably bright red saying it," she said. "No, we're good."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo