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Albert And Caroline Manzo’s The Brownstone Reportedly Owes More Than $380K In Property Taxes!

According to a new report, The Brownstone, which is owned by The Manzo family owes $381,179 in property taxes to the city, according to municipal records. Taxes owed on the property at 349-377 West Broadway is for 2017, according to city records.

The banquet hall experienced a dramatic increase in property taxes after the citywide property revaluation in 2015. Taxes on the property doubled from $70,000 per year to almost $143,000, according to municipal tax records, according to The Paterson Times.

The Brownstone, which is located at 349-377 West Broadway, is owned by the family of Albert Manzo, who was appointed as a deputy mayor by mayor Jose "Joey" Torres, according to the report.

Torres and others have held election events at The Brownstone over the years.

Torres was indicted earlier this year with three public works supervisors for allegedly conspiring to have city employees perform work on a private property connected to the mayor's family, reports

Also, Manzo owes $208,012.77 in state taxes from 2015, according to Radar Online.

There are other properties owned by the Manzo family that owe taxes to the city. The family’s property at 96 Redwood Avenue, owned by Anna Marie Manzo, owes $158,738 in taxes from 2013, according to city records. The taxes for the Redwood Avenue property also doubled from $10,000 to $20,000, according to tax records.

Albert Manzo owes $5,413 in taxes on a property at 390 Chamberlain Avenue, according to tax records. The annual taxes on this tiny parcel of land is less than $300 per year, according to government records.

Photo Credit: Bravo