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Vicki Gunvalson And Tamra Judge Reportedly Feuding Over RHOC Salary Dispute!

According to a new report, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge are already at each other’s throats over Real Housewives of Orange County salary dispute. Apparently, Judge is desperately trying to get on Gunvalson’s good side for this season, but the OG of the OC is not having any of it.

“Tamra knows that Vicki has some serious dirt on her, and she really wants to soothe things over so that Vicki does not go into full attack mode this year,” a source close to production for the hit Bravo reality show told Radar Online.

The reason for the alleged battle comes down to the huge difference in salary that each is earning this upcoming season. While Gunvalson is earning a whopping $750,000, Judge is only pulling in $600,000 to return to season 12, one insider revealed, meanwhile a Bravo source said those numbers were false.

“Tamra is of course upset that Vicki is getting paid so much more money than her because she feels like she is the reason that viewers will want to tune in,” said the source. “Tamra honestly thinks the entire show should revolve around her and that she should be the highest paid out of all of them.”

Photo Credit: Bravo