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Sonja Morgan Says She Also Once Dated Owen Wilson After Revealing She Had A ‘Fling’ With Jack Nicholson!

Days after Sonja Morgan revealed that she dated Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson during an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen —  “He’s so much fun!” she said about the veteran actor — the Real Housewives of New York City star also revealed in a new interview that she also once dated Owen Wilson.

“Tinsley [Mortimer] said her celebrity crush was Owen Wilson, and I thought she said she dated him,” Morgan told Entertainment Tonight. “I go, ‘Oh! I dated him, too!’ Out here [in Los Angeles]. Well, I met him in New York through some art friends, and then I also saw him while I was out here. Long time ago, a while ago.”

But according to Morgan, she no longer communicates with her former flames, which also includes Prince Albert of Monaco.

“I mean, I never did,” Morgan said. “That was a period in time where we were all going out to clubs … you know, we didn’t have cell phones. You’d get home to your answering machine, then you go to the same club the next time. It’s like a group thing that goes on for a few nights. [Jack] was a friend of my girlfriend, in fact, and … we were just being bad, you know? I had an Italian boyfriend at the time, too.”

Does Sonja see herself dating another celebrity in the near future?

“I’m not interested in celebs,” she said. “I like smart people. Very smart people. Interesting dialogue, yeah. I like to talk a lot.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images