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Robyn Dixon Says She Does “Not Hold On To Any Bitter Feelings Towards Juan For The Infidelity” When They Were Married!

Robyn Dixon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Robyn Dixon discusses her parents' comments about Juan's fidelity and Charrisse Jackson Jordan's distance from Eddie. Check it out! What is it like hearing your parents talk about Juan’s infidelity? Are your parents right that you haven’t gotten over it? 

Robyn Dixon: My parents love Juan unconditionally like a son, so talking to them about our situation is welcomed because I know it comes from a place of love and not one of judgment. But still, it’s never easy to be reminded of difficult times that you have tried to move on from. I have chosen to move forward from the past and do not hold on to any bitter feelings towards Juan for the infidelity when we were married. He has truly matured and grown as a man and has learned from many of his past mistakes. However, there may be some truth there when my parents said I haven’t gotten over the past because a little part of me has a protective guard up when it comes to our relationship. As someone who has been through a marriage ending, what do you think about Charrisse Jackson Jordan not speaking to Eddie at the party? 

RD: I can completely understand and relate to the pain, anger, and bitterness associated with the end of a marriage, especially when it is still very fresh and new. And I know what it is like to not want to come face to face with the person responsible for those feelings. So I totally understand why Charrisse and Eddie did not speak at Skylar’s party. Although not speaking to one another is not an ideal way to encourage an amicable divorce, I think it is OK for people to have that time to be angry, sad, mad, disappointed, etc. It definitely made me very sad to see the state of Charrisse’s marriage but I hope that she and Eddie can eventually get to a place of friendship and respect. Were you surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for two years? What did you think of Charrisse’s therapy session? 

RD: Two years is a super long time to be celibate, especially when you are married! It is also pretty sad to hear that when you realize that not only was she celibate, but she probably lacked an intimate connection for those two years as well. Although I have been through a rocky relationship past, I definitely can’t relate to this and feel a strong sadness for Charrisse. Her therapy session made me even sadder. Divorce truly feels like a death of your life as you knew it and the unknown of what is to come is very scary at first. I pray that Charrisse will soon look at her current status as a new beginning and not a sad ending! What did you think of Gizelle and Monique’s confrontation?

RD: Gizelle and Monique were in the shade-fest prize fight of their lives! These women are like oil and water and just can’t mix! I can’t crown a winner just yet though. But to be honest, I was just enjoying being a spectator, haha. Why did you want to step in and say you wouldn’t want to be friends with the group if you had to hold back? 

RD: The idea of hanging out with a group of women where I can’t be myself and speak freely is not appealing to me. If I have to filter what I say because I think someone isn’t going to like it or because I am not worthy enough to speak then I seriously don’t need to be friends with them. That just doesn’t sound fun at all.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo