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Robyn Dixon Gives An Update On Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Juan Dixon!

Robyn Dixon surprised Real Housewives of Potomac fans last season when they found out that she still living under the same roof with ex-husband Juan Dixon. However, that shock continued when it was revealed in the Season 2 premiere episode that Robyn and Juan are still living together in their new Hanover, Maryland crib with sons Corey, 8, and Carter, 7.

But according to Robyn it's all about keeping the family together. "Going into the season, we're still pretty much in the same space, in the same place," she recently told The Daily Dish about her relationship with Juan. "We function as a family. We support each other unconditionally, but romantically, we're not really there yet. But we do try to spend time together. We're not each other's priority, like our kids are our priority and just making sure our kids have everything they want and need, that's our priority. But we still function as a family as a whole. But we recognize that if there was any type of personal or romantic relationship, that is lacking big time."

Though it may seem odd for two exes to continue to live together, Robyn said that her relationship with Juan is really no different than when they were married, minus the romance. "For someone on the outside looking in, they would really assume we're a married couple, because we do a lot of stuff together. Our kids are so busy, so our lives really center around the activities with the kids and stuff," Robyn explained. "But we don't live completely separate lives and live in the same house. Our lives very much are intertwined, like I support him in his basketball, coaching career, go to his games, and just support everything he does and same thing for me."

But don't expect Robyn and Juan to rekindle their romantic relationship anytime soon. "I just haven't quite gotten to the point where I'm ready to focus on that. Right now, I'm focusing on myself and the kids and trying to get to a really good place career-wise and financially, and then I can focus on the romantic part," she said. "Juan and I started dating in '96 and were married, so I was in a relationship for so long, so right now, I'm at the point where I want to focus on myself for a little bit."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo