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RHOCheshire Star Leanne Brown Is In The Best Shape Of Her Life As She Launches New Activewear Line!

Leanne Brown says she’s in the best shape of her life. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star recently launched launched Lux Activewear. The mother-of-three says launching her own activewear is an extension of her passion for working out.

“It might sound strange considering I’m now in my 40s, but I honestly feel the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt in my life,” she told Manchester Evening News. “Ever since I was a little girl and I started doing gymnastics, I’ve always loved working up a sweat, whether that’s in the gym or in a fitness class.”

“There have obviously been points in my life where I haven’t worked-out as much I probably should have been doing,” she continued. “But as I’ve got older I’ve started working-out twice as hard to keep in shape - largely due to the fact that I still absolutely love my food.”

“I enjoy doing things like Barrecore and Runway Pilates, which has recently opened near me in Alderley Edge, and I enjoy UP Fitness weight training, too. All of this means that I spend a lot of time in activewear, and I’ve learned what works and looks amazing, and what doesn’t.”

Lux Activewear isn’t Leanne’s first foray into the world of clothing retail - she’s also the brains behind Kiss Frogs clothing for girls aged 12 to 16.

“Activewear has become more of a fashion staple these days, too. Women wear it daily to do the school run, go to meetings with friends, or just chilling out, she added. “So why not look good doing it?”

To learn more about Lux Activewear or to purchase some items, please visit their official web page HERE!

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