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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Stars Ampika Pickston, Leanne Brown And Tanya Bardsley Reportedly Threatened To Quit The ITVBe Reality Series!

According to a report, Leanne Brown, Tanya Bardsley and Ampika Pickston threatened to quit The Real Housewives of Cheshire last week due to the alleged on-going drama on the ITVBe hit reality series.

Apparently the three reality stars have now been convinced to stay, despite being labelled a “lap dancer” and a “slag” and a “prostitute” by one co-star during a heated fight.

“Leanne, Ampika and Tanya were on the verge of quitting altogether this week,” a source told The Sun. “The rows have been getting even worse, so they thought leaving the programme was their only way out.”

“The show is in tatters – another big argument between the wives and that could be it.”

No story if the fight has anything to do with Dawn Ward, since the current season the women have been divided due to the on-going feud between Ward and Brown due to a loan, which both parties are now locked in a legal battle.

However, there's one cast me member that is over the drama: Lauren Simon.

“This series has been very hard with Leanne and Dawn arguing, and I have to admit it’s been sad with all the emotions and money involved,” she previously told the publication. “But I work hard and play hard and try and ignore all the drama queens because it’s pathetic.”

“It’s really sad to see all the friendships break up, but at the end of the day they’re not my friendships so I don’t care,” she continued. “I’ve been working hard on my brand and perfume so I don’t have time for all this nonsense that you lot watch, or to argue over nonsense.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 10:00pm only on ITVBe!

Photo Credit: ITVBe