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Ramona Singer On Being Disinvited From Carole Radziwill’s Election Party: “I Guess Her Telling Me Not To Come Was Her Choice”

Ramona Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona Singer disagrees with Dorinda's confrontation with Sonja, and discusses the election night party disinvite from Carole.

Ramona writes:

"Looking back on this week’s episode and listening to Dorinda go on and on about Sonja was her choice. I thought she should have dropped it already. But she chose not to. Sonja really handled it well. She listened and moved on. I was so proud of Sonja. Especially since the dinner at my house could have turned out to be much worse. You put a lot of women in a room together, and look what happens.

As far as Carole telling me that I couldn’t come to her election party, it's not the disinvite, technically, it's more like why? Because I wasn’t with her on her political beliefs? That should have nothing to do with it. I wanted to come by, because she invited me and because it was a major event for all of us. I didn’t plan to stay that long, but I guess her telling me not to come was her choice. We are all entitled to vote for who we like! And yes, I am very informed, and I don’t have to stick up for myself. I thought it was rude on her part to act like I don’t read or watch the news. I do all of it and pride myself on knowing a lot of information on what happens in our world.

It's very interesting how there are different opinions about the interactions between Bethenny and me at the Red Bar dinner. I was just trying to relate to her mommy to mommy. I received this email below through my website, which helps express my own sentiments:

"I am mystified why Bethenny went so nuts and left after you attempted conversation. I don't pretend to know you or what's on your mind, but what you said and how you said it immediately reminded me of the season with Alex's nude pics. As I recall, Avery's place in a conservative elite school was jeopardized by being associated with that type of show. Being a good mom, you even tried to stay off the couch when that topic was discussed at the reunion.

As soon as you asked if B's daughter was in private school, I thought that's where you were going - wondering if her daughter's place at the school was jeopardized by recent nude photos all over the news. You seemed empathetic to me not mean or hostile.

Good luck, Lolly"

Well onward to next week. Let's see what happens!!! 

Always the unknown………"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo