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Police Investigating Real Housewives Of Sydney Star Lisa Oldfield Over Alleged Online Trolling Of Her Co-Star Victoria Rees’ 13 Year-Old-Son!

Police are investigating Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield after she was accused of trolling the 13-year-old son of co-star Victoria Rees via social media. The controversial reality television star reportedly attacked the teenager last week, in a post where she was forced to delete by Foxtel, reports News Corp Australia.

The teenager had asked Oldfield to leave his mom alone on the show, to which she reportedly replied with the suggestion that his mother was not supervising him because she drinks 30 cocktails a night.

She also reportedly told him to call his father because, “he loves you very much”.

The controversial 41-year-old wife of former politician David Oldfield defended her comments to the Daily Telegraph, saying the 13-year-old had attacked her first.

“He called me jealous and a loser, I think it is appalling that he would speak to an adult in that way,” she told the publication. “I don’t go around picking on children, I actually thought my response was quite measured and I signed off with a kiss.”

A New South Wales Police spokeswoman said the matter was reported on the morning of April 3.

No charges have been laid.

Foxtel confirmed they also spoke to both housewives over the incident, after ordering Oldfield to remove her comments.

“Foxtel and Matchbox have spoken to all of the Real Housewives about being responsible and respectful on ­social media,” a spokesman told the publication.

The boy’s request of Oldfield came just days after she publicly attacked his 52-year-old mother for calling her fans bogans during filming.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential, an enraged Oldfield blasted Rees as, ‘a f***ing nobody”.

“She’s slagging off people that live in the West ... she’s a f***ing b***h,’ Oldfield raged to the publication.

“She’s a lonely old bag and she deserves to be because she’s a horrible person. She should be pitching frozen meals for one and incontinence pads.”

Photo Credit: Google Images