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Peter Thomas Breaks His Silence — Reveals What Really Happened During His Knife Fight With Matt Jordan!

Cynthia Bailey's ex-husband is breaking his silence and is opening up about getting into a physical altercation with Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan. As previously reported, the violent brawl began because of some name-calling during a radio interview in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Peter, he didn’t want to fight Jordan but felt he needed to protect himself, including threatening Matt with a box cutter.

“He charged me! And the whole time he was coming at me, I had a box cutter in my pocket. and Matt’s like 6’5 and 250…. he’s like 33/35 and I’m 56… I don’t wanna fight this n***a! F**k I’m doing fighting?” Thomas told StraightFromTheA.

“That Brooklyn s**t came outta me…that Jamaican s**t came outta me quick!” he continued. “I had that n***a in a neck hold and the box cutter to his face! When he saw it, he panicked like a b***h!”

During the interview, Peter Thomas also discussed how his marriage with Cynthia Bailey was negatively affected by being on the show.

“The best year of my life was the first year of us living together,” he explained. “The moment we got on the show, it became something else. I understand the business aspect of it…but I didn’t know it was going to be so invasive to our personal life.”

Source/Photo Credit: BET, Google Images