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Monique Samuels On Her Confrontation With Gizelle Bryant: “She’s Really Asking For It...Begging Is Probably A Better Term”

Monique Samuels is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Monique Samuels calls out Gizelle Bryant for her shady comments about her during show interviews. Check it out! Did you have any idea Gizelle had an issue with you until Ashley told you what she had said at Preakness? 

Monique Samuels: Nope! She never said or implied anything that gave me the impression she had a problem with me. I just thought she was unfriendly. She could have very easily stated her issues with me during high tea. That’s usually what GROWN women do. I cannot stand fake people! The thought that someone has an issue with me because of my real estate (especially when they’re the ones inquiring) is just plain petty. She didn’t seem to have an issue with the man at Preakness “humbly bragging” about his real estate and how he won 6 million dollars in betting! Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD? It’s like she’s looking and digging really hard for a “reason” to hate me. That’s the best one she could come up with? Well then, I guess I’m making a great first impression! LOL! What do you think about Charrisse ignoring Eddie – and Ashley wanting to meet him so badly?

MS: Watching the episode, I didn’t take that as Charrisse ignoring Eddie. I thought she was more so keeping people out of her business while also respecting his space. This whole “Eddie” situation is not a game. This is Charrisse’s real life! I respect the fact that Charrisse and Eddie did not make a scene and were mature enough to not allow their current situation interfere with their daughter’s moment. After all, the night was about Skylar. As for Ashley, as much as I love her, I must say that she should leave that alone. Charrisse has made it clear that her and Eddie are not in a good space, so why would he even want to meet any of her new friends? Were you surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for two years? What did you think of Charrisse’s therapy session? 

MS: I was definitely surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for 2 years! She’s basically gained her virginity back! LOL! That’s a long time to go without some good ole married sex! But I understand the place that she is in when it comes to her marriage. I admire her even more for staying focused on her children, rather than jumping on the next you know what! As I watched Charrisse’s therapy session, I literally could not hold back tears! I felt her pain!  Charrisse has been nothing but strong and classy!  She’s dealing with the possibility of divorce, borderline empty nesting, lies about her marriage from her own “friends” and trying to find her new self all at the same time!  She’s a queen and she's showing us why. You go girl!!!! Tell us about your confrontation with Gizelle – were you surprised when Gizelle said you like to talk about yourself? 

MS: I was surprised when Gizelle said I like to talk about myself. CLEARLY, she likes to talk about me more than I do!  She’s really asking for it...begging is probably a better term. She really needs to find something more productive to do with her time. She twists more lines than Twista the rapper! I’ve never met a person who will pick apart every little thing I say just so they can have something to talk about (well... maybe I know at least one other person). I made the statement that my favorite wine, which used to cost $250 (prior to when I would buy it), was now selling for $70-$80 and she totally made that out to be something opposite of my intentions. How many times do we women buy a dress and as soon as we get a compliment, we say, “Girl, it’s a $100 dress but I got it on sale for $40!” Karen was enjoying the wine and I was proud to tell her how much savings I received for a great wine! Gizelle, don’t you get tired girl??? Then when I say “I MET” President Obama (and yes, actually I met him in ALABAMA during the time he was running for president) and once again, in her INTERVIEW (not to my face) she makes comments as if I said I know him on a first-name basis. Girl, BYE! I didn’t like the way she sarcastically said “in Alabama” as if she is too good for the South or thinks she’s better than someone living in the country. Girl, BYE again! Charrisse said that Gizelle had met her match – do you think that’s true?

MS: This is no competition to me. I’ll let the viewers be the judge of whether or not she’s met her match. I’m not going to stop being me just because some women are insecure with themselves. I just know some conversations are not meant for everyone. I have the same confidence now as a married woman that I had when I was single and struggling to find my purpose. I don’t need a bank account to make me. It is clear that some women do. Thank God that’s not me. I know where my blessings come from! I’ll say a prayer for her because God does not like ugly or ugly liars!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo