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Magali Gorré Talks Life After The Real Housewives Of Cheshire; Reveals She’s Writing A New Book And Launches Her Own YouTube Channel!

Magali Gorré appeared on the first two season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. Now the self proclaimed "Cheshire gangster" is opening up on life after leaving the ITVBe hit reality series and reveals what projects she currently has in the works.

"I am talked more about than the people who are in the show," Magali, who left the ITVBe reality series last year told Cheshire Life. "That’s why I am still relevant. People liked my character. I am still a Real Housewife because the show is still airing in other countries and I am always going to be a Real Housewife because I was being myself. I was not acting. It was a part of my life I had no problem about showing."

As previously reported, Magali walked away from the ITVBe reality show due to her father’s illness and subsequent death. "I didn’t need to be in those catfights any more. My father had passed away and they told me to take my break and everything would be OK," she says.

"But when the three other girls (Seema Malhotra, Misse Beqiri and Stacey Forsey) came into the show, people didn’t forget me and I was touched by that. Really! I thought OMG they’ve not even seen the funny side of me. But people said they liked the way I said it as it is and that I had...morals."

The one thing the show taught her was to love Cheshire more than she did already. She lives in Bowdon with her football coach husband of 21 years, Dean Gorré and has three sons Kenji, Quinten and Aiden, who all play football.

"I’m proud to live here. Cheshire has so many beautiful places and that’s what the show also suited me. The big mansions. I hadn’t been in some of them before. I’ve lived here for seven years and I fell in love with Cheshire. I fell in love with the beauty of the nature, how people are because don’t forget my kids went to school here, so I got to know people who are born and bred here. People who are old money and people who are basically new money - people who are new money with class and people who are basically new money with no class!"

She continued: "Everybody can live in Cheshire. You can have the best of both worlds. In half an hour you can be in the city centre and you can be the city girl, which I adore. You have golf courses, great restaurants, fantastic parks and great schools."

Magali says she hasn’t ruled out a return to the small screen but her next project is something much more personal as she’s planning to write all about her exploits in Cheshire.

"I’m focused on the writing. I’d like to show ‘me’ more and not share it between six women. People can read my book. I can’t say more but my friends are going to be delighted."

Magali is no stranger to writing since has was released several books in her native country. She also recently launched her own YouTube channel called Magali's World.

Despite her departure from RHOCheshire, many fans continue to campaign for her return to the ITVBe hit reality series via social media but for now fans can enjoy her new YouTube channel where she shares her thoughts on the current season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Photo Credit: ITVBe