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Lisa Vanderpump Weighs In On All The Drama At Her Diamonds And Rosé Party And Reflects On RHOBH Season 7: “It Was A Fascinating Season”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. LVP breaks down the drama at her Diamonds and Rosé party and gives her take on it all.

LVP writes:

"So we rejoin the Diamonds and Rosé party. The glittering, peach hues served as a beautiful backdrop, however...

So I greet everyone with enthusiasm, bantering, as always, with Lisa , hugging Eileen, which is one good thing that has been born from this season, and playfully mocking myself in regard to my short snout and needing Kyle to help me up is all in good humor, which was dearly needed this season.

So the launch of The Vanderpump Rosé was a gorgeous summer evening, but with a dark shadow that loomed over.

I had created, along with Kevin Lee, a romantic garden that was a setting, perfect for a warm and celebratory evening. Unfortunately it was 

juxtaposed by intense conversations that were ceremoniously delivered, purposefully, by people resplendent in their finery...Bejeweled, adorned with gold leaf, pink hair, roses, long sequined dresses and even a ball gown. It was certainly a feast for the eyes, but insinuations and angry accusations were plentiful, and many were aghast at the level of frustration that had been simmering. Tonight finally boiled over.

I knew there were unresolved issues. Hong Kong had ignited a flurry of feelings. Unjust accusations had been hurled without thought of the ramifications. LR made some unnecessary, brutal, inaccurate statements.

Or maybe that is naive. Maybe it had been systematically planned out as a retaliatory move after the whole fiasco of XanaxGate, designed to hurt with the intent to sully someone's reputation.

Dorit was feeling uncomfortable, and I knew that in order to move forward, if in fact she wanted to at all, it was essential she defended herself and brought to the surface all her questions as to why this had escalated to such a state. I understood PK involving himself. He was asked a question by Erika first, and I am sure he will be criticized, but that is exactly what Ken has done in the past, especially when I had been the subject matter in his absence. He also aware of how distraught Dorit had been in Hong Kong, so why shouldn't he stand up for his wife? And it certainly hadn't been even handed prior to this.

Eden screaming at LR was certainly unexpected, but I knew her emotions were accumulative. She felt she had been dismissed, and now as it all came to an ugly head, metaphorically speaking of course. LR exacerbated Eden's frustration by laughing in her face, intentionally dismissing her once more.

Sometimes you have to hear people out and look from another perspective. That is the sentiment that resonates so loudly with me this season. the door closes on the final episode, the curtain drops, and we can now take a moment to reflect on what has transpired...

The choices we made ,the lessons we learned.

Erika asks in her interview, "What are we, five?"

Now wouldn't that be a beautiful thing, where we could return to those days of innocence, rather than every statement be scrutinized, with an intent to create a bigger problem?

Perhaps I could say that one might be better served if they tried to look more closely at the recipient of a well-intentioned gift. Do they have the same humor as you?

Maybe to laugh at yourself would also diminish the embarrassment of an unintentional faux pas.

None of this would have gathered momentum if it had been dealt with in that manner.

We live in troubled times. This country is ostensibly at war, so the time we spend with friends should be vibrant, honest and coupled with thoughtful conversations, but above all, wrapped in a blanket of humor. Remember this...Laugh at yourself, then others can laugh with you, not at you.

I am thankful for the chance to have drawn attention to my cause, the fight against the tortuous festival know as Yulin, so that is paramount in my mind as we wrap his up. We have been successful in opening our dog rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs, just a few weeks ago and already nearly forty dogs have gone to loving homes.

And on that note, I thank you for watching, and I would be remiss if I didn't thank my fellow Housewives because, regardless of our choices, it was a fascinating season and I think we can all garner some sort of lesson from it."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo