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Lisa Oldfield Comes Under Fire After Attacking Victoria Rees’ 13-Year-Old Son On Social Media!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Lisa Oldfield, who is known for her controversial fiery personality came under fire after The Real Housewives of Sydney star got into a vicious online argument with the 13-year-old son of fellow Housewife Victoria Rees.

The publication claims that Foxtel has spoken to Oldfield about the situation and the she was forced to ­remove her post. However, Oldfield ­defended her comments.

“I don’t know if Victoria is getting her son to troll me, I wouldn’t put it past her,” Oldfield said. “I didn’t mean to ­belittle him, I just pointed out maybe he should be doing homework rather than be online trolling.”

Rees said she could not believe what played out. “Bullying a child on social media is harmful. It’s reprehensible. As a parent Lisa Oldfield should know ­better,” Rees said.

Rees’ son reportedly started the ­interaction by writing to Oldfield to stop attacking his mother on the show.

“He called me jealous and a loser, I think it is appalling that he would speak to an adult in that way,” she said. “I don’t go around picking on children, I actually thought my response was quite measured and I signed off with a kiss.”

In the post which has been censored to protect Rees’ son, Oldfield does not hold back.

“Is your mother monitoring your ­social media activity?” Oldfield wrote. “Probably not. She’s probably on her 30th Skinny Bitch. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have, education is the great leveller.

“You need to work on that.”

She then went on to get personal. “In the meantime, ring your Dad, he loves you very much,” she signed off.

Foxtel confirmed they had discussed the issue with cast members.

“Foxtel and Matchbox have spoken to all of the Real Housewives about being responsible and respectful on ­social media,” a spokesman said.

Photo Credit: Foxtel