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Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring Maintains His Innocence In Attempted Murder Case!

Josh Waring gave his first interview behind bars. The son of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson is maintaining his innocence in attempted murder case.

As previously reported, Waring, who is currently in jail awaiting trial for his attempted murder case, was charged on November 3rd, 2016. If convicted for the felony charge he could be sentenced to several more years behind bars.

The former reality star has been in Orange County Jail since June 20 when he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in a shooting in Costa Mesa. He has been accused of shooting Daniel Lopez, 35, in the lower torso around the victim’s home, reports Radar Online.

In his interview, Waring opened up about life behind bars.

“I’ll have. . .days where I feel like this place is bearing down on me,” Waring told L.A. Times. “But when I talk to [my daughter], it just makes everything better. Her voice just melts my heart.”

Despite his dismal surroundings, Waring insists he’s unafraid to go to trial.

“I’m not nervous because I’m innocent,” he told the publication. “I didn’t do it.”

Waring has a long history with the law. The shamed star’s previous convictions include felony drug charges and several misdemeanors, including a “hit-and-run in 2008, battery in 2009, possession of drug paraphernalia in 2009 and drug possession and resisting a peace officer in 2015,” the L.A. Times reports.

Though Waring says he’s struggled with drugs since the age of 12, he’s certain he’s innocent.

Waring and his challenges with drugs were a recurring story line on the Bravo hit reality series. He said people know him as the “black sheep” of his family.

Waring said he’s anxious and socially awkward and that drugs provided an escape.

“The last 10 years of my life has been focused on how to be a criminal, stay on drugs and feel comfortable,” he said. “I don’t feel comfortable without being loaded.

“The show took my problems and put a bull’s eye on my back for law enforcement.”

Waring said he still gets cravings but has been off drugs for 10 months and wants to stay that way.

“I’m so far from perfect,” he said. “I have problems, but when I think about what I want for my future, I have no desire to do it anymore. I want my daughter back. I want to grab Hayley and run away.”

Waring’s mother has been caring for his daughter the past few years. The girl’s mother — Waring’s wife, Hannah Waring, 24 — is in Orange County Jail facing a felony robbery charge, according to court records.

As of late, Joshua Waring has spent the majority of his time focusing on his case.

He said a gunshot-residue test administered by police after his arrest could exonerate him. The test can determine whether a person has recently fired a gun based on residue left behind.

Waring said he’s confident the test, when processed, will show he did not fire the gun. He’s also agreed to submit to a polygraph test, though authorities have not been interested, he said.

Deputy Alternate Defender Ray Chen, who has represented Waring during some stages of his court proceedings, filed a motion Jan. 30 to delay the trial for several months to give him time to prepare Waring's defense.

Chen wrote in the filing that he “reasonably and strongly believes” that someone else who was at the house was responsible for the shooting.

Waring said he’s not sure what happened that night on Babb Street but that he’s certain he wasn’t involved.

“I know myself and I know I wouldn’t do this,” he said.

Photo Credit: Bravo, L.A. Sheriff's Department