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Krissy Marsh: “Lisa Has A Tendency To Throw Her So Called Friends Under The Bus”

Krissy Marsh is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Krissy Marsh dishes on all the drama in Singapore and her issues with Lisa Oldfield.

Krissy writes:

"What a wonderful opportunity to be in Singapore bonding with Athena X and Nicole – Marina Bay Sands is an incredible spot and I’ll never forget how breath-taking it was to wake at 5.30am to watch the sunrise…rooftop pool, laughs, views of Singapore, what more could you ask for?  Only the rebirthing of Athena X – come on girl, you have to get your hair wet.  Just love how Euro girls are always so reluctant to wet their hair!!!  But Nicole and I pulled it off – we christened Athena X.  I know deep down she really is a hard egg with a soft centre…but then again, there is that dark spirit with its fangs that can rear its ugly head.

How’s Athena asking about whether the mushrooms have any hallucinogenic properties, it can be a real struggle keeping that girl in the real world.  I have to say it astounds me what we women do for beauty…bird poop, I guess bring it on – mind you I would take bird poop over Melissa and Victoria’s fish and meat market experience.  Ugh, still can’t shake the smell of the bird poop facial…oh, and Athena X in that mask.  Not her finest moment channelling Hannibal Lecter!  I love Japanese food but no question in my mind I have ever been Japanese and certainly not a man!  As for Athena X….the world and past worlds are her oyster!

Good on Victoria for reaching out to Athena X and validating to her exactly why she wasn’t invited to the Wrinkles Schminkles Victor Chang event.  She needed to hear it – she also needed to hear how her supposed good friend Lisa had orchestrated the whole saga yet Athena X was the scapegoat.

Looking back at the whole napkin and drink throwing incident, my heart goes out to both Athena X and Victoria but Athena X should know better than to poke the bear.  I know neither of them would have been happy with their behaviour – it won’t ever be one of Victoria’s proudest moments and both her and Athena X should never have acted out that way.

It was great to watch Matty and Melissa question Lisa over the Lizzie Buttrose scandal – Lisa thinks she can get away with all her conniving and scheming but she only calls herself out by admitting she had been plotting revenge on camera.   Lisa has a tendency to throw her so called friends under the bus – but she needs to be held accountable for her every word and action.

It was so good to see Matty call Lisa out on her name-calling – we are all tired of it and everyone  seems to think it is really inappropriate and just plain boring.  Maybe Lisa thinks it makes her good television?  Before you go calling out other women on embarrassing behaviour Lisa perhaps take a good long hard look in the mirror.  And “giving it away for free”? Lisa – you wouldn’t know the first thing about me sweet-heart.  And yet again Matty calls her out on it – how many times do you have to be told before it sinks in.  No one is interested in your foul mouth.  But they are interested in the truth so perhaps next time Athena X tells tales and you shoot your mouth off, you seek out the facts, as I have never questioned Lisa’s relationship or sought pleasure in her pain. In case you missed it Lisa – my reference to attention seeking was about your so-called rescue by the overweight man with the swan – not your relationship with David.

As for entertainment – well we all had front-row seats to witness the besties turn on each other.  It was only a matter of time before it happened but really over a gorgeous dinner they had to hang each other out to dry…goodness knows what the other dinner guests made of their repulsive carry-on.

Whilst Athena X regresses to life as a Geisha or a Japanese man Lisa regresses to childhood – fingers crossed behind the back, such two-faced behaviour from a grown up so-called professional woman.  Whatever Lisa – your apology was so half-hearted and quite lame.  To me this experience was all about having fun, enjoying myself and forming friendships – all from the right place.

I think Victoria hits the nail on the head yet again – Athena X and Lisa cling onto each purely because they don’t have anyone else.  The minute Athena X and I show a little closeness, Lisa is scathing.  And yeah I don’t blame Victoria for prepping Lucy before meeting these women.

Now I told you earlier that dark spirit can’t help itself but return and again it rears its ugly head.  Athena X can’t help herself but poke the bear – on a night that is truly special to Victoria.  Whilst yes, much entertainment to watch her and Lisa go head to head they still don’t get etiquette.  Poor Lucy having to witness grown women carry on this way over dinner and drinks.  Am going to call it – time and time again – broccoli!  And have a go at Athena X and Lisa ready to hurl Melissa under the bus…clearly these two are from the same pod. Lisa, you really are vulgar to refer to another woman as a ‘Grade A One #### from Central Casting’.  Haven’t you ever heard of the saying…if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all.  I’d say you could do with some good old-fashioned soap in the mouth.

And to really take it next level Athena X is picking up and banging a table!

Clearly they don’t get how important I feel it is to be polite to everyone – and that includes waiters, ladies.  Just because they are there to serve us dinner and drinks, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve politeness – not to mention they are usually witnesses to the ridiculous fighting that goes on so the least we can do is show some kindness.  But Athena’s comment ‘here she goes again’ just shows she can’t help herself…every opportunity.  How great was our very own Tom ‘cocktail’ Cruise of Singapore with his signature Singapore Slings.

I truly can’t believe how much effort Lisa puts into talking about me and my body parts…girl, you’re obsessed!  We were having a fun and harmless game of ‘spin the bag’ and of course, I am going to have a joke and lighten up the mood especially after the napkin throwing incident.L

Lisa, believe me you would be the last person I would ever share personal information with.  For some reason Lisa thinks she runs the group of women and maybe some of the women feel intimidated by her and her behaviour – that she is capable of saying anything and everything but I really couldn’t care that we don’t have a friendship.

Really disappointed that Victoria didn’t join us, felt she should have made some effort to join us for our last evening in Singapore.  I don’t quite think she needs an intervention – always ones for dramatic effect aren’t you, Athena X and Lisa – maybe we should stage an intervention for you!  I don’t think I have EVER laughed as much as when Lisa called Athena X ‘Dory’…um women, aren’t you meant to be friends?  Or is that standard behaviour that you name-call each other?

And wow, how emotional watching Victoria meet her half-sister for the very first time, I know how nervous she felt leading up to the trip – I have felt incredibly humbled being a part of this journey with Victoria, she is a great friend and someone I love seeing smile and being happy.  I know just how much this means to her, before she went blonde she looked exactly like Lucy – and finding out little Austin takes after her dad in height and Lucy’s showing of the ring…oh dear, am in tears again!  I can’t even begin to imagine how Victoria felt when Austin asked if Victoria was bringing back a grandfather for him…poor kid especially as he will always feel bittersweet about his birthday knowing his grandfather passed away on his birthday but you also have to believe it was some way for him to acknowledge Victoria and Austin.  Austin, Lucy and Victoria will all come away so much stronger from this experience after a life in the dark – Austin has an aunty and Victoria has her much longed for sister.

And just for the record I am more Rolls Royce than Honda…ha ha – mind you, as long as you have a car to get you out and about for shopping, dinner and drinks that is all that matters right!"

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