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Karen Huger Weighs In On The Confrontation Between Gizelle Braynt And Monique Samuels!

Karen Huger is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Karen Huger weighs in on Charrisse Jackson Jordan's celibacy claims and Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant's feud. Check it out! We get to meet your son this week! Tell us all about him – and about Raymond stepping up as Brandon’s father. 

Karen Huger: Brandon is everything a mother could hope for in a son. As a single parent, it was clear to me that Brandon was my number one priority. We share a very special bond.  I knew that if I were to ever marry again, Brandon and I were a package deal. While dating Ray, we discussed many times the importance of children and family. Ray comes from a very close family and we both agreed that children are a gift that should be treasured. There was an instant father-son connection between the two of them. I knew I could teach Brandon many things, but the one thing I could not teach him was how to become a man. From day one, Ray and been a wonderful father to our son. I know that blending families often times does not work. Trust and believe I am eternally grateful. Were you surprised when Charrisse said she was celibate for two years? 

KH: I was shocked that Charrisse said she had been celibate for two years. Just like Monique said, “sex is one of the greatest gifts of marriage”. I surely thought Charrisse was still partaking of Eddie’s fruits. After all, they were still married. What do you think about Charrisse not talking to Eddie at all at the party?  What did you think of her therapy session?

KH: Marriages go through changes all the time. Sometimes, I don’t want to speak to 'Doctor You Know Who.'  He gets on my last nerve, but most of the time he’s my best friend.  I don’t know why Charrisse and Eddie didn’t speak to one another at the party. I wish they had for the sake of their children. After all they are divorcing each other, not the kids. That will always be the link between them that requires they communicate. The one good thing is that they were both there to celebrate their daughter on her special day!

I am a huge advocate for seeking therapy when needed. We all need help from time to time finding our way back to our center. It looks like Charisse is on the path to her happy place. What did you think of Gizelle and Monique’s confrontation?

KH: I think the conversation between Gizelle and Monique was necessary. They needed to air their differences and establish some boundaries. Why did you come to Gizelle’s defense saying you all just met Monique? 

KH: I really wasn’t defending Gizelle or Monique. I simply was stating that as a person listening to their conversation, I could easily see how one could misinterpret what was said by both parties.

What do you think about Karen’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo