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Dorinda Medley: “Sonja Does Not Want Me To Meet Tinsley And Potentially Have Us Become Friends”

Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Dorinda shares more about helping Hannah set up her new apartment and the growing tensions between her and Sonja Morgan.

Dorinda writes:

"Welcome Tinsley!

So we finally get to meet the new girl—oh wait, I don't. But before I get there, let me talk about a few other things. 

Hannah has decided to move out. It took a long time for Hannah and I to heal after Richard's death. She decided to move back in with me, and I decided to mother her as much as I could during the aftermath of his death. It was the best decision for both of us, but now after five years she has decided it's time to move out and get her own apartment. I am happy to say it's in NYC and not too far away. It is a big step, and both her father and I are on board to do whatever it takes to make the move as smooth as possible. People in the suburbs buy kids cars—in the city we set them up in apartments. This includes furniture. So Hannah and I did what do have been doing for years in NYC—we went shopping. Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite places. It's bright, happy, comical, a great place to get ideas and it's in the neighborhood. She found a couch, and I was more than happy to buy it for her. I want her to have a cozy home, and her father and I are happy to help her reach that goal. 

Now onto to the tea party in the Mad Hatter's townhouse. Oops did I get that wrong? Oh well, I think it's accurate. No, I was not invited, and even if I were, I would not have gone. But unlike Sonja, I will not be spending a year or even a second thinking or mourning about it. There is definite tension between Sonja and I, and she is looking to get Ramona and Luann to side with her, but I am not sure it's working. I think one of the real reasons she does not want me there is because Sonja does not want me to meet Tinsley and potentially have us become friends. She clearly already feels competitive about my friendship with Ramona, which brings me to Tinsley. This is is not an easy group of women to meet. Each of us has very unique personalities and are quite strong women. We do not let everyone into the fold like a Junior League social. The added elephant in the room? Tinsley is returning from Palm Beach back to New York City with a mugshot. So I am not sure how smoothly the first cup of tea went, how about you? 

Much talk of me, politics, Tom (what's new) and Ramona's hickey (what are you 17?). Overall, it does not seem I missed much, and I have better things to do, like help Hannah start her new life and decorate her apartment. Although I do look forward to meeting this Tinsley character!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo