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Charrisse Jackson Jordan: “Gizelle’s Fascination With The Life Of Charrisse Is Getting The Best Of Her”

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the season two premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Charrisse dishes on her pal Sheldon, opens up about the hurt caused by her broken marriage, and claims Gizelle is "desperate and thirsty for fame." Check it out! You say that you were unhappy last year in this episode – are you happier this year? What do you think about Cal and Gizelle’s comments that you have issues with Gizelle because of your unhappiness?

Charrisse Jackson Jordan: I am in a much happier place now compared to last year. Last year I was holding onto hopes that my marriage would somehow restore itself to no avail. When I finally came to terms that the end was inevitable, I was somehow able to focus on the positive things that resulted from my marriage (i.e. my two amazing children) and the many blessings that I have instead of being angry and bitter.

When I heard Cal say that I am upset with my husband not wanting me and taking it out on Gizelle, it is quite laughable. My issue with Gizelle stems from her insecurity that results in her desire to try to say anything to assassinate my character so that she can feel good about herself. Gizelle nor Cal are an expert on Charrisse. Neither of them is close enough to me to really have an opinion about my relationship or anything else as it pertains to my personal life or otherwise. It’s sad that their lives are that boring that I continue to be an ongoing topic. I guess if I was a miserable woman I would have the time to focus on the lives of others. After all, misery loves company and Sha-Sha is not trying to be held captive in Gizelle’s miserable world. Can you tell us a little more about who Sheldon is and how you know him? 

CJJ: I met Sheldon years ago when he was Skylar’s cheer coach. I would hang out with the coaches when we traveled for cheer competitions. Sheldon was always the life of the party. I looked forward to hanging out with my cheer crew mostly because Sheldon would make me laugh so hard tears would flow from my eyes. Overall, Sheldon is just a great ride or die dude. I know that if I want an honest answer Sheldon is going to be the one for the job. In fact, he is going to probably tell you more than what you wanted to know but what you need to know. Every girl needs a Sheldon in her life :-). What was it like when Eddie told you he wanted a divorce? How were you able to get so positive after? 

CJJ: When Eddie told me he wanted a divorce, I was devastated!!! I never thought I would ever get divorced. I was an emotional mess. One day I woke up and a question popped in my head asking “Is this how you think God wants you to live the rest of your life?” Referring to my not wanting to break the vows that we made to God. And of course, the answer was no. In that moment it was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I made a decision to be happy no matter what that took. I decided to rechannel my love and desire to be with my husband. Instead, I fell in love with myself again. Somehow through being a mom and a wife I lost a part of myself. It’s been somewhat of a journey that has its peaks and valleys. But through it all, I feel stronger, wiser, and I have many moments of laughter and peace of mind. What is it like seeing Gizelle tell Robyn Dixon that you have said you “cheat on Eddie”? How is it to see Robyn stuck in the middle and confront Gizelle on her comments?

CJJ: Yet again, Gizelle’s fascination with the life of Charrisse is getting the best of her. Why is this girl so obsessed with me? Hopefully, people will begin to see her for the pathological liar that she is. In the interim, I will say a prayer for Ms. Gizelle. I hope she can get to a place in her life where she is truly happy. I do understand her behavior and quite frankly, it comes from a place of low self-esteem. She wishes she could have my life. Despite all the talk she has when it comes to me (nothing good) it doesn’t change my lifestyle. She will continue to speak negativity about me until she becomes fulfilled in her own life. Despite her negative tactics, I wish her the best because I truly feel sorry for her. It must be a sad and world that she lives in when she has to create conversations that never existed.

I am glad Robyn told her she was wrong and I truly appreciate Robyn taking my back. Unfortunately, you can’t speak sense to a deranged individual. I hope Robyn hits the Mega Ball lottery...If she does that so-called friendship that she thinks she has with Gizelle will turn into the next target for Gizelle’s venom. Tell us about your confrontation with Gizelle.

CJJ: I was hoping to never see Gizelle again after that #WWHL stunt she pulled. My anger wasn’t about what she said because I am clear on my truth. My anger was about the fact that she didn’t take my children in consideration when going on a national show with some crap that she got from a stranger who created an account on social media to talk about me. She presented it as if it was common knowledge amongst the cast members and looked at Andy Cohen like she was reciting a bible verse and just blatantly lied without a blink. It's one thing to be desperate and that thirsty for fame, but to call yourself a friend and do what she did is incomprehensible and pathetic. Moving forward I decided to let her continue to go low because that’s more on her level anyway. I will continue to go high and give her mouth a reason to speak words.

What do you think about Charrisse’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo