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Athena X Levendi Accuses Victoria Rees Of Pulling A ‘Publicity Stunt’ After Reporting Lisa Oldfield To Police For Allegedly Attacking Her 13-Year-Old Son On Social Media!

Last week we reported that Lisa Oldfield was being investigated by police after she allegedly was online trolling Victoria Rees' teenage son. Now, Athena X Levendi has accused her Real Housewives of Sydney co-star Rees of reporting Lisa Oldfield to police as a publicity stunt.

Rees was last week photographed at Rose Bay Police Station, reporting Lisa Oldfield to authorities over “cyber bullying” her son.

“Is Victoria that desperate that she didn’t get enough publicity in the last few weeks that she needs to do this now,” Levendi told The Daily Telepgraph. “Victoria is a master manipulator, a mastermind.”

Rees lodged an official complaint on Tuesday and is understood to have visited the station on three separate occasions over the incidents.

Rees told Confidential at the time she felt forced to make a statement to police after Oldfield made “disgusting”, “inappropriate” comments on Instagram.

The initial social media incident took place a few weeks back when Oldfield belittled Rees’ 13-year-old son and suggested his mom drinks 30 cocktails a night.

“She is talking about a little incident that happened two weeks ago where Lisa Oldfield replies to a remark that basically Victoria’s son attacked Lisa telling her she is a jealous woman and a horrible woman,” Athena X said.

“All Lisa said was stay in school, learn grammar, love your father and stay off Instagram. She didn’t bully the child, she gave him advice and signed off with a kiss. So I don’t know where someone could read that as cyber bullying.”

“Victoria should have been arrested for that Birkin she is carrying out of the Police station,” added Athena X.

Photo Credit: Getty Images