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Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Give An Update On Their Love Life!

Earlier this season on Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix opened up to Brittany Cartwright about not wanting to get it on after the gym, while Tom Sandoval complained to the guys about the necessity of, uh, some alone time during this dry spell.

According to the couple, this sort of thing just happens when you've been together as long as they have. "I think it was our first little dry spell that happened in our relationship, I feel like, and it happens," Tom told The Daily Dish. "We've been together three years now, you go through little dry spells."

Tom and Ariana said that having her younger brother, Jeremy Madix, live with them was a bit of a hindrance to their sexy times. "I can't pee if I think people are gonna hear me. I don't talk on the phone because I don't like people hearing me," Ariana explained. "I'm really weird about people hearing me do anything."

The timing has to be right for intimacy, too, i.e. not after Ariana has just returned from working out. "I can't be coming home from the gym and feel disgusting," she said. "You are so sweet and wonderful in thinking that I'm cute or hot or whatever, but I can't feel sexy when I also feel disgusting."

Jeremy was also right there to here all of the details about his sister's sex life with Tom during the NASCAR trip. But Tom assured that Jeremy was not scarred for life from that conversation. "He didn't care! He was fine with it," Tom said. "He's my friend, you know?"

Tom and Ariana reveal that Jeremy has moved out of their place and in with his girlfriend, and since then things have been better between them in the love department. And because they've shared those intimate details about their relationship with the world, they know that you've been wondering, too. "I'm sure Mom loved that conversation," Tom joked.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo