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Susie McLean Confirms She’s Dating Comedian Mick Molloy!

Susie McLean has confirmed she's currently dating again after having previously been married to a property investor. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star revealed she's been dating Australian comedian and radio personality Mick Molly.

“We are seeing each other, we are spending a lot of time together,’’ McLean told The Herald Sun. “He is a great golfer and I love the game and have been playing a long time, so we have been down the coast playing quite a bit of golf.

She added: “He makes me laugh, is one of the most brilliant men I have ever met and is a lovely person.’’

Comedian Mick is well-regarded as an icon of Australian cinema, regularly depicting the classic Aussie battler in films such as Crackerjack, Boytown and Bad Eggs. This persona spills into his Triple M breakfast gig as a member of The Grill Team. reports The Daily Mail.

This week, McLean shared a photo of her new beau and her son at an event on her Instagram page.

Susie did not confirm to the publication whether fans would be seeing the relationship unfold on season four of the Foxtel hit reality series, after rumors have suggested she would not be taking part.

The publication reveals that RHOMelbourne starts filming its fourth season in May.

Picture: Jim Lee Photo