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Stephanie Hollman Reveals The Reason Why She Went To Therapy After Joining RHOD And Teases What Fans Can Expect In Season 2!

During a recent interview with Fox News, Stephanie Hollman reflects on her first season on The Real Housewives of Dallas and teases viewers can they can expect in Season 2. The married mother-of-two also reveals why she and her husband decided to go to therapy while filming the first season of the Bravo hit reality series and more, check it out below!

Fox News: How has your life changed since you first appeared on “Real Housewives of Dallas?”
Stephanie Hollman: It’s been a really fun experience... I can say I’ve gotten closer with certain people. I think I’m a stronger person and I have more of a voice. I’m very grateful for the experience and with all the blessings of the show, you also have to take the burdens. But those blessings definitely outweigh the burdens.

Fox News: The entire time you were filming, you were also in therapy with your husband. Why did you reach this decision?
Hollman: You know, as soon as I decided to go forward with the show, I realized that statistically, it seems like a lot of these marriages [from reality TV] don’t last. And a lot of families become torn apart. I knew it would have been hard on my marriage, and I just wanted to have somebody to make sure the important things in my life were still prioritized. I was in check with my husband because I wanted to make sure that everything that was important to us was still working. I didn’t want to be part of a statistic for reality TV. I felt it’s good to work on the relationship before there’s a problem. And we still do it! I just think if you don’t work on yourself or your marriage, then you can get lost in that reality TV world… and then the show becomes your life. That’s something I definitely didn’t want to have happened in my life or marriage.

Fox News: Has the therapy helped the marriage in any way?
Hollman: I think it’s good for it! First of all, I’m a very big advocate for therapy. It’s good to have somebody to talk to and have a safe space where you can say anything you want and have it be a judgmental-free zone. And it’s good to have someone mediate when there is a conflict. For me, it’s always good because sometimes things get so busy that you don’t have those important conversations and when you do, it’s almost too late. There’s so much hurt.

Fox News: Despite being part of the “Real Housewives” franchise, you still wanted to be recognized as a normal person.
Hollman: It’s funny, because before I even joined the franchise, I looked at all the Housewives very differently… They didn’t seem like normal people. I’m a mom, first and foremost, and a wife. I want people to see me for who I am [as opposed] to somebody I’m not. I’m still the same girl. My values are the same. And for me, the things that are important are still my family and friends. You have to keep your priorities very much in check.

Fox News: How do you balance being a hands-on mom, all while being part of a popular series?
Hollman: I’m a fashion blogger too, which is something nice for me to do. I get bored when the kids are at school, so it gives me something creative to do. But our producers have been really great because I made it clear to them, ‘Look, I want to tuck in my kids at night, I want that bonding time with them as a mom without cameras.’ So they would film me a lot of times while the kids are at school. I still want to do homework with them, I still want to read to them, and as long as the show let’s me keep those priorities, then it’s a win-win.

Fox News: You and your best friend Brandi have a unique nickname for wine.
Hollman: Yep, Jesus juice. That was more of a Brandi thing. Before it was mommy juice because we didn’t want the kids to touch it, and then it just kind of became Jesus juice. It’s our codename for wine because of the kiddos. I felt like in season one, every time we filmed, there was wine involved because we were just so nervous. I do wish I had put down the bottle a little bit... I just thought we were acting silly. There’s definitely been times where I’ve felt, ‘Oh, it didn’t happen that way,’ but I will say I respect how the show has stayed true to pretty much everyone. I’m a big goofball and I totally embrace that part of myself. So everything that you see, even if it may have been elaborated at times, did happen, so I can’t be mad at myself.

Fox News: What can fans expect from season two?
Hollman: We just finished filming, so that should be coming out this year sometime. I think for most of us, I can say we all experienced a lot of growth, a lot of struggle, but also a lot of strength. We all balance each other out very nicely. And yes, there’s a lot of drama, which people love, but there’s also a lot of heartfelt things that happen.

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The Real Housewives of Dallas is set to return later this year on Bravo!

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