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Shereé Whitfield Hit With $27K Lien For Unpaid Work On Chateau Shereé!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Shereé Whitfield is being sued by yet another company for unpaid bills. According to documents obtained by Radar Online from The Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia, Master Craft Stucco, Inc. slapped Blu Management, LLC and Sheree’ Corporation with a lien for $26,586.41 on July 15, 2015.

The company, who did work on Whitfield’s home, also demanded she pay $1,702.99 in interest and $278.51 in court fines.

Because Whitfield didn’t respond to the claim, Judge Tom Campbell favored with the Plaintiff and ordered Whitfield to pay the amount on May 9th, 2016. When the Bravo star still didn’t pay off the lien, the sheriff served her on December 19, 2016.


“Defendant does not have the amount of money demanded on person,” the Sheriff’s Entry of Service filing read.

The Plaintiff’s attorney, Emory Potter, told Radar, “There are several other creditors with liens and if we could get them together we could threaten her to sell the property.”

This isn't the first company suing Whitfield for unpaid work on her Chateau. As previously reported, Heritage Landscape sued Whitfield for $10,012.50 plus $500 in costs.

“Mrs. Whitfield contracted the landscaping services of Heritage Landscape to help in the completion of her home,” the claim filed on January 3rd read. “Mrs. Whitfield has paid some (less than half of her bill), although she was happy with the work.”

According to the claim, she alleged she “did not have the money” at first. She then blamed the company for “poor work quality.”

In December 2015, Stoploss Specialists, Inc. claimed she owed $15,450 in unpaid bills. They sued her for a total of $23,000, which included late fees and other charges.

The Bravo reality star was also recently fined $1,000 for throwing a housewarming party at her home without the permits necessary to host the event or shoot the Bravo reality show.

Whitfield has also been hit with $291,719.06 in unpaid federal tax liens over the past four years.

Photo Credit: Bravo