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Shamea Morton Explains Why She “Wasn’t The Least Bit Surprised” By Phaedra Parks’ Lesbian Accusations!

Phaedra Parks dropped a major bomb when she brought up rumors earlier this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that Shamea Morton had hooked up with Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker. Shamea reveals how she felt when she first saw that scene and her thoughts on the whole situation.

"I played it back several times, but when I first saw it, my mouth just dropped open, I was like, 'Oh my God,’" Shamea recently told The Daily Dish. "I was watching it with my fiancé actually, and he just burst out laughing."

Shamea said her fiancé, Gerald Mwangi, didn't take it too seriously because he knew it wasn't true, and after the initial shock of it all, she brushed off the comments as well.

"They always say when you’re doing really well, your name is going to come up. When they’re not talking about you, that’s when you should worry. Half of those things and the person that kind of put them out there, she’s the devil in a dress," Shamea said. "So I always knew that. So when those things came out, I wasn’t too shocked."

Earlier this season of the Bravo hit reality series, Shamea had spilled some tea of her own about Phaedra, saying that she tried to "holler" at her ex-husband. When Porsha brought those comments up to Phaedra, that's when Phaedra mentioned the Kandi and Shamea rumors to Porsha and Shereé Whitfield.

Shamea said that she never trusted Phaedra, but was still able to remain friendly with her prior to this incident. "I was cordial to Phaedra because of Porsha even last season in Miami, I tolerated Phaedra just because of Porsha’s new friendship with her," Shamea explained. "But now, after her making those types of accusations, she just went too far."

If there is a silver lining to this situation for Shamea, it's that her friendship with Kandi has not only survived but become even stronger through it all, especially since the RHOA hitmaker has faced her fair share of allegations about her sex life from Porsha as well this season. "We have been able to lean on each other through this ordeal," Shamea said. "I think we were able to vent to each other because we were both put in the hot seat and betrayed by people we once called friends."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo