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RHOS Star Athena X Levendi Denies Recent Claims That She’s Broke, Considered A ‘Transgender Procedure’ And That Her Marriage Is In Shambles!

Athena X Levendi is shutting down recent rumors, which was published on this week's issue of New Idea Magazine. The Real Housewives of Sydney star battles the false accusations made in what the magazine says are anonymously written letters.

Among those false allegations are claims the artist is broke, that her marriage in shambles and that she considered a 'transgender procedure'.

One letter falsely claims Athena is a "wacky artist who does not have $1 to her name" and lives in a "small house in Vaucluse" not the Bellevue Hill mansion shown in the show.

Athena fired back, telling the magazine, "The house (in Bellevue Hill) is owned by one of my husband Panos' partners."

Instead, she says it was a temporary arrangement and goes on to explain that she never intended to live in the house as it's part of a "development" investment her husband made. reports The Daily News.

Levendi reveals she was renting a home in Diamond Bay while the show was filming, and says the show did not lease the Bellevue Hill home to make her lifestyle seem more "grand."

She also refutes false allegations reportedly made in the letters that her husband Panos is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, British interior designer Constance Kyriazakos.

"Did she write the letter? She lives thousands of kilometers away from us - he can't really have an affair with someone over the phone," she told the publication.

Meanwhile, Athena has revealed that she enjoys inciting drama on the show because she knows what people want to see.

"I'm a creative person. I understand drama and what the viewer wants," she said in this week's issue of TV Week.

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